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The third and final book in the Galleries of Stone trilogy is set to release in less than a fortnight, so it’s high time we did a cover reveal! Tupper Meadowsweet is no longer the newly-nubbed boy of ten who first arrived at the Statuary to cook and sweep. He turns sixteen in Rakefang, the age when most young Flox turn their thoughts to courtship.

After years of searching for someone brave enough,
Tupper Meadowsweet finds her at Pennyflax & Quince.

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Deuce, color comp stageDeuce. Readers of my fantasy trilogy may be interested to know that I’ll soon be telling a new story in the Galleries of Stone universe. Deuce is a series prequel that will deepen your appreciation for Aurelius Harrow’s courage as he courts danger in the form of Ulrica Rakefang.


The story begins right here at CJMilbrandt.com, with a new chapter posting every Friday. Cover Sketch. This is a sneak peek at an early stage of the book cover—a rough sketch with test colors—by artist and illustrator Hannah Christenson.

BYWAYS: Three Ways

Byways Entries

Pointing to the map, Uncle Vanek said, “North through the forests and mountains. South through rolling hills and rocky coves. Or the central route across the plains and desert. Which path will you choose?”

—excerpted from Byways, Book #1, On Your Marks: The Adventure Begins

05 Map

FAQ. When it comes to Frequently Asked Questions, the one I’m asked the most lately is … “Three books? Why are you releasing three?” Continue reading BYWAYS: Three Ways

FOLKS: Zane’s Team

Zane, Over the Bridge

“I did hear a rumor about a blacksmith down in Old Bridge who’s been wanting to travel to the western colonies. I thought we could check it out in the morning.”

“Guess so,” Zane replied. “But I don’t want them if they’re annoying.”

“What kind of person are we looking for?” Jovan asked.

“Someone quiet, who’ll do as they’re told.”

“Like me?”

Zane rolled his eyes. “You never do as you’re told.”

—Byways #3, Over the Bridge: A Zane Johns Adventure

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FOLKS: Ewan’s Team

Book 02, Aboard the Train

The little girls huddled together, shivering from cold and possibly from fear. Both of them had deep brown skin and glossy black hair. The smaller girl hid her eyes with her hands, and Ewan smiled. Did she think it would make her invisible?

—Byways #2, Aboard the Train: A Ewan Johns Adventure

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Byways Entries

Countdown: 2 Weeks. We’re counting down to the release the first book in my new children’s series. Each week, I’ve brought out sketches, character introductions, and explanations of the adventure ahead. Today, I’m unveiling the element of magic that’s found in the Byways books. Continue reading BYWAYS: Magic