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A magical master sculptor banished from his homeland
hires the only Flox boy with the nubs to take his hand.

In places where the Twelve Mountains are honored for their magic, children are tested for affinity. But the villages in Morven’s foothills no longer remember stone lore. The Flox have forgotten the Statuary and the wonders that fill its winding galleries. All that remains are stories to frighten children and gossip about a monster living in the heights.
     Necessity drives Freydolf to hire a Flox servant. Tupper Meadowsweet isn’t the cleverest child, but he’s brave enough to follow his Pred master onto Morven, where he finds hints of faraway lands, diverse races, unique customs, long histories … and danger.

Audio Books narrated by Travis Baldree:

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Ewan, Zane, and Ganix—three brothers who take sibling rivalry
to new lengths as they race each other across their homeland.

Book #1, On Your Marks: The Adventure Begins. Mr. Johns plans a tour of the country in the hopes that travel will bring his three sons closer together. But his plans are twisted around, and the trip becomes a race.

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New Releases in the Byways series are slated for 2023!