C. J. Milbrandt is a mildly eccentric lady with a houseful of books and a headful of stories. She’s an author with loads of experience. And while she’s always been an old-fashioned gal, she’s not afraid of new things … or zany plans. Most of her stories began as a personal writing challenge. Because work can be fun if you have the right mindset.

  • Find me on Goodreads to keep up with my progress through my ever-mounting To Read pile. I also happen to be one of the moderators at Great Middle Grade Reads, where I run some of the group’s reading challenges. #AtoZChallenge
  • Follow my tweets @Elymnifoquent, where I offer a jumble of chatter about books (those I read and those I write). #ILoveToRead
  • Check out Middle Grade Carousel, which celebrates children’s literature with monthly themes and challenges. I am a regular contributor (mostly behind the scenes) and I run the associated Twitter account @KindeLadies … because Elza and I are long-time collaborators. #MotherDaughterDuo

Contact Information

H20 Books and Maps

Story Information

Galleries of Stone trilogy – complete and now available in full-color illustrated editions. Lovely stuff, benefiting from a bit of gentle revision to help with continuity as I’m working toward the release of a second trilogy: Journeymen of Stone.

Byways Books – ongoing. Working alongside my illustrator now. Happy to report that this series is slated to resume updates in 2020.



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