C. J. Milbrandt is a mildly eccentric lady with a houseful of books and a headful of stories. She’s an author with more than a decade of experience. And while she’s always been an old-fashioned gal, she’s not afraid of new things … or zany plans. Meadowsweet began as a personal writing challenge. In fact, the entire Galleries of Stone trilogy was written on the fly, posted to her other blog in three hundred and sixty-six daily installments during 2012. Completely crazy. Entirely satisfying.

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Contact Information
CJ’s email address – milbrandt [dot] cj [at] gmail [dot] com
CJ’s postal address – P. O. Box 23053, San Diego, CA 92193
H20 Books and Maps

The Galleries of Stone Trilogy
……Book 1: Meadowsweet  [Book Birthday: December 1, 2013]
……Book 2: Harrow [Book Birthday: April 8, 2014]
……Book 3: Rakefang [Book Birthday: February 24, 2015]

Other Stories in the Galleries of Stone Universe
……Peaceful Wolf, coming soon
……Deuce, a serial romance [index here]

Byways [Byways Series on GoodReads]
……Book #1: On Your Marks [Book Birthday: July 4, 2014]
……Book #2: Aboard the Train [Book Birthday: October 20, 2014]
……Book #3: Over the Bridge [Book Birthday: October 20, 2014]
……Book #4: Up the Mountain [Book Birthday: October 20, 2014]
……Book #5: Inside the Tree [Book Birthday: May 28, 2015]
……Book #6: Into the Hills [Book Birthday: May 28, 2015]
……Book #7: Across the Line [Book Birthday: May 28, 2015]

This author’s Christian fiction is traditionally published under the name Christa Kinde, so if you enjoy stories about angels and demons, check out the offerings at

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    This is Rebecca Bussey over at Harmony Elementary. I am getting contacting you about the Author’s Fair. Is there anything I can relay to the 4th and 5th grade teachers to help your day go smoothly. Please let me know. I am also getting the exact number of students and should send that to you be the end of today. However, we roughly have about 180 4th and 5th graders.

    Thank you


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