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BYWAYS: Galena


Little Details
■ Galena is expecting a baby. If she and her husband can stay ahead of the Chasers until their child is born, they’ll become free citizens of Liberty.
■ She was brought as a child from Arundel, an empire far to the south. Memories of her former home sometimes make her sad.
■ Her personal seal is an oyster with a pearl, hinting at the precious life she’s carrying.
■ Galena’s marriage to Hurlock was arranged by their owner.

BYWAYS: Behind the Header

Byways, for the website

We’re taking a look behind the header on Byways cover illustrations. The series title often hides pretty scenes or special secrets. This week, it’s Zane’s turn. On Book #6, we get a dramatic first look at one of the many creatures who call the Wilds their home. Since Zane’s half-wild himself, he gets along well with everything from firebirds to fairy kestrels.

Firebird Nest

White stone littered the landscape. Round boulders came in every size, and smooth spikes jutted out of the grass like the ribs of a huge skeleton. All the green and white might have been pretty on a sunny day, but with dark clouds boiling across the sky, it was spooky.

—Byways #6, Into the Hills: A Zane Johns Adventure

Here’s what’s behind the header on the cover of Byways Book #6, Into the Hills: A Zane Johns Adventure. Continue reading BYWAYS: Behind the Header

BYWAYS: Vanek Johns

Vanek Johns

As soon as the boys were gone, Ian turned to his uncle. “What just happened?”

Vanek chuckled. “Did you really think cramming those boys into a carriage would fix things?”

“But to send them out alone? Laurel won’t like it.” Ian fiddled with the buttons on his cuff. “I don’t like it.”

—excerpted from Byways, Book 1: On Your Marks

Ian’s overly optimistic plan was doomed from the start, but thanks to wise Uncle Vanek, the brothers will each have a chance to prove themselves. This big bear of a man is the Postmaster’s business partner, his trusted friend, and his uncle. Vanek Johns is the person who helped Ian establish the postal system that serves Liberty’s people. He has a booming voice and a deep laugh. The father of six grown children, he’s wise when it comes to helping young ones grow up.