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BYWAYS: Laurel Johns

“Were you checking on your couriers?”

“I do like to keep an eye on things.” Ian was the founder of all of Liberty’s post offices. His couriers delivered letters and packages throughout the land. As often as he could, he flew far and wide to visit them.

Laurel laughed. “Liberty’s couriers watch the sky, checking to see if the Postmaster is watching.”

“My friends love it when I drop in for a chat!”

“You’re lucky Uncle Vanek keeps things running smoothly around here whenever your wings are restless.”

—excerpted from Byways, Book 1: On Your Marks

Laurel Johns

Laurel Johns is Ian’s third wife. She’s sweet and petite, gentle and generous … and much stronger than she looks. Her life took an unexpected turn when Ian’s family hired her to cook, clean, and look after Zane, who was just a tiny baby when his mother died. Neither Ian or Laurel expected to fall in love, but that’s another story.  : )

FOLKS: Ganix’s Team

Across the Line, header

“What’s going on?” asked Ganix.

“A show. That’s Hurlock. He’s famous around here because of his magic.” Luke shook his head. “It’s sad.”

While Ganix watched, purple fire bloomed in the magician’s bare hands, and he sent it whirling over his head. The flames turned into a dragon that twisted through the air. Shoppers stopped to stare. Some clapped. And a few tossed coins into a basket at the edge of the stage. Hurlock thanked them with a gentle smile.

“Sad? He’s amazing!”

“He is. But purple fire means a sad day for Hurlock. Can you see his feet?”

Standing up to get a better look, Ganix asked, “Are those chains?”

—Byways #7: Across the Line: A Ganix Johns Adventure

Ganix Johns is the youngest son of Liberty’s Postmaster. Up until this point in the storyline, he’s been changing traveling partners at every waypoint. But when he meets Continue reading FOLKS: Ganix’s Team

ART: Amber Eyes

Book 02, Aboard the Train

The Johns family tree was truly magical. Some said it was because Ian’s great-great-great-grandfather had married a woodland fairy. Since then, men and women in their clan sometimes showed signs of magic. Those with dynasty level talents considered the Johns’ ability a quaint quirk. But Ian was proud of his inheritance.

—Byways, Book #1, On Your Marks: The Adventure Begins

Changers. Readers of the Byways books quickly discover that Ian Johns and his three sons aren’t typical. Not only do all three boys have different mothers (making them half-brothers), they’ve each inherited their father’s magical talent. Continue reading ART: Amber Eyes

FOLKS: Torio Kite

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“I heard this mountain was guarded by a tiger,” the man rejoined, sounding wholly unconcerned. “They said nothing of a tigress.”

Ulrica snarled something in Terse, and he answered in kind. Switching back to Verit, she ordered, “Lift your lantern! Let me see how many lies are reflected in your eyes!”

He immediately obliged, and Tupper had his first good look at the traveler. Ragged clothes that must have been fine once. Dusty boots that had traveled far. Blue eyes with an audacious glint. A broad-brimmed hat adorned with a fluttering cascade of black feathers, gleaming green, purple, and gold in the lamplight. Curving talons at each fingertip. A prominent, beaky nose. The clues and cues took several moments to add up, but when they did, Tupper reached a dazzling epiphany. Real Grif weren’t red.

—excerpted from Galleries of Stone, Book 2: Harrow

The Stone Merchant. In the back half of Galleries of Stone, Book 2: Harrow, readers meet a Grif merchant by the name of Torio Kite. Continue reading FOLKS: Torio Kite