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COVER REVEAL: Back on Track

Back on Track, header b

Hurlock’s long legs had no problem keeping up with the donkey cart, but Ganix had to jog. Before long, he was out of breath, so he Changed into a raccoon. Scampering up the man’s leg, he climbed onto Hurlock’s shoulder.

“I hope that’s you, Ganix.”

The young coon chirred happily and made himself comfy. Having teammates was the best!

—Byways Book #10, Back on Track: A Ganix Johns Adventure

Donkeys and Disguises. To keep his teammates safe, Ganix Johns is Continue reading COVER REVEAL: Back on Track

BYWAYS: September Sale [Up the Mountain]

Up the Mountain A

Best for Last. (Well, that’d be Ganix’s opinion.) Today’s the final day to catch a free e-book in my September Sale. You’re invited to add Byways Book #4, Up the Mountain: A Ganix Johns Adventure to your virtual bookshelves. Mountains and mischief, grits and griffins! Continue reading BYWAYS: September Sale [Up the Mountain]

ART: Byways Brothers

Byways 1-7

FanArt is fun! There’s nothing quite like opening mail and finding a reader’s creative outburst. Last week, I received another piece of Byways art from Skylee, who’s been reading through the series. This’un is titled “Byways Brothers” and features all three boys plus Ewan’s girls.  Continue reading ART: Byways Brothers

BYWAYS: A Peek at Book #7

Up the Mountain A

While Ganix watched, purple fire bloomed in the magician’s bare hands, and he sent it whirling over his head. The flames turned into a dragon that twisted through the air. Shoppers stopped to stare. Some clapped. A few tossed coins into a basket at the edge of the stage, and Hurlock thanked them with a smile.

—excerpted from Byways, Book #7: Across the Line

A Ganix Johns Adventure. I’ll be working through final flourishes on the seventh of the Byways books over the next couple weeks. Hardly a chore. Ganix gets into the most fascinating fixes! We’re closing in on the May release of the next batch of three Byways books, and I can’t resist sharing a few snippets and sneak peeks. Today, I’ll show off part of the cover sketch for Ganix’s next story—Across the Line. Continue reading BYWAYS: A Peek at Book #7


Byways Entries

Countdown: 2 Weeks. We’re counting down to the release the first book in my new children’s series. Each week, I’ve brought out sketches, character introductions, and explanations of the adventure ahead. Today, I’m unveiling the element of magic that’s found in the Byways books. Continue reading BYWAYS: Magic