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BYWAYS: Behind the Header

Byways Entries

On Your Marks. I love the Byways header, which features some of the magical, mythical creatures inhabiting Libery’s wild places. It adapts its hues to suit the setting. It shifts like a Changer to show which brother’s story you’re holding. (You noticed that, right?) AND, it blocks a good portion of Hannah Christenson’s cover illustrations. So I thought you might enjoy a peek at unseen things. Over the next several weeks, I’ll show you what’s going on behind the scenes. Continue reading BYWAYS: Behind the Header

Those who met Ganix found him impossible to dislike. Those who knew Ganix found him impossible to trust. His pranks were legendary, and his curiosity was always leading him into some kind of trouble. Thankfully, he was also very lucky. His mother said it was because on the day Ganix was born, a lady bug landed on his nose and blessed it.

—ON YOUR MARKS: The Adventure Begins (Byways #1)

Zane didn’t fit in with his brothers. He had broad shoulders like the Wilmingtons, and he took after Christiana in looks. His thick hair was so fair it almost looked white, and his eyes were pale blue. His last name and the magic flowing through his blood were the only proof that Zane was a Johns.

—ON YOUR MARKS: The Adventure Begins (Byways #1)