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BYWAYS: Behind the Header

Byways, for the website

I’m back with another peek behind the scenes on the Byways book covers. One of the unchanging features on the header is the circle of stars that surrounds the volume number. If you take a quick tally, you’ll find there are thirteen stars. It’s a nod to the original thirteen colonies. The thirteen stars also show up on the cloak pins worn by Liberty’s rangers.

Ranger Cloakpin

This time around, I’m letting you see more of the huge griffin that’s partly obscured by the header on Byways #4, Up the Mountain: A Ganix Johns Adventure. Continue reading BYWAYS: Behind the Header

Good News! The paperback editions of the first four Byways Books are showing up in online venues. That means you can order them anywhere books are sold!

Byways1-4, print proofs

BYWAYS: September Sale [Up the Mountain]

Up the Mountain A

Best for Last. (Well, that’d be Ganix’s opinion.) Today’s the final day to catch a free e-book in my September Sale. You’re invited to add Byways Book #4, Up the Mountain: A Ganix Johns Adventure to your virtual bookshelves. Mountains and mischief, grits and griffins! Continue reading BYWAYS: September Sale [Up the Mountain]