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AUDIO Cover Reveal

Farley (Journeymen of Stone, #1). I’m unveiling the audio cover of Farley because Travis Baldree is about to begin narration of the book, which is (obviously) complete & being prepped for a Spring release. If you’d like to drop by Travis’s Discord server, you can catch an early look/listen. It’s always amazing to watch him do his thing.

Ursa superstition. Pika bards. Fwan twins. Mard pirates. Basq custom. Clow keepers. Tisk lords.
Farley Meadowsweet always planned to travel beyond the quiet Flox village where he was born. He’s finally, finally on his way to greatness, alongside Dessa, the mountain who called him, and Torio Kite. The two men share a unique affinity for stone, which makes them perfect for a dangerous vocation, hunting rogue statues known as the Misbegotten.

Aboard the Moontide, the newest ship in the Harrow fleet, Farley must deal with Larkin Rakefang. Aurelius and Ulrica’s fourth son is less than thrilled with the rite of passage his father set—keeping the Flox alive during a journey that spans continents.

Release Date: TBD (Spring 2023)

COVER REVEAL: In the Middle

In the Middle, header

“If this is a Wild place, shouldn’t it be more obvious? You could say that these are magic trees, covered in magic moss, growing out of magic dirt, and it’s all the same to me.” Bree asked, “Can’t you conjure up a pixie or a dragon, or at least a wisp of foxfire?”

“I’m afraid not, but we’re definitely in the Wilds,” said Jovan. “Since there’s a town nearby, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a wake forest.”


“Wake,” Jovan corrected. “Like a ship’s wake. When colonists enter the land without making peace with the wilderness, the wild parts retreat. Only a little magic is left in its wake. Just enough to hide some surprises.”

“Nope, this isn’t wake.” Zane peered around the woods from Hobo’s saddle. “Whatever these people did when they settled, they did it right. Magic runs deep around here.”

—Byways #12, In the Middle: A Zane Johns Adventure

Tar Heels and Blue Devils. A feud on the fringes drags Zane’s teammates to opposite ends of town. Both sides are convinced Continue reading COVER REVEAL: In the Middle

COVER REVEAL: Beneath the Torch

Beneath the Torch, header


Ewan offered a weak smile. “Yes, miss?”

“You’re not Jovan.” Her surprise shifted into dazzling happiness, and she actually hugged him.

“N-no.” Beyond flustered, Ewan cleared his throat. “I do apologize, miss, but do I know you? I’m afraid I don’t remember ….”

“Ewan Johns!” she exclaimed.

“Yes, I’m Ewan.”

“I can’t believe how much you look like Jovan! All you need is a pair of glasses. And maybe a few ruffles.”

—Byways #11, Beneath the Torch: A Ewan Johns Adventure

Brothers in Beacon. Ewan’s and Zane’s teams have reached their shared waypoint, but Continue reading COVER REVEAL: Beneath the Torch

CJ, thumbnail

Update! I’ve spent the last couple months deep in Liberty, wrapping up manuscripts for the next three Byways Books. Time to launching into editing mode! Meanwhile, the illustrations are coming along beautifully. This trio is momentous because with books #11, #12, and #13, we’ve now covered the thirteen original colonies! (And hey, did you notice that there’s a circle of 13 stars on the cover? Rangers also wear cloak pins with thirteen stars.) Look forward to Byways #11, Beneath the Torch: A Ewan Johns Adventure (NY), which is our first brother crossover, Byways #12, In the Middle: A Zane Johns Adventure (NC), and Byways #13, Among the Tents: A Ganix Johns Adventure (RI). They’ll be releasing this summer!