#MGCarousel – Summer Reading Bingo

Summer Reading! Time for a fresh sticky post for my August BINGO board, part of the Summer Reading Challenge for #MGCarousel at Elymnifoquent.com, where Elza and I blog about middle grade books.

CJ's Summer Bingo, August


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#amreading Whiplash

Book Report 31

“Middle grade” isn’t a genre. It’s a recommended age level. Which is just about the only thing these titles have in common. Half a Chance is a slice-of-life summertime story about a girl whose family moves a lot and her love for photography. (Adored the “scavenger hunt” style photography challenge.) In When You Reach Me, Miranda tries to make sense of the things that are going on around her—the notes, on-again-off-again friends, who likes who, and the best way to win at a game show. And At the Bottom of the World is the first book in the Jack and the Geniuses series, which succeeds in making science fun. (Makes sense, considering Bill Nye is part of the project.)

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BYWAYS: Vanek Johns

Vanek Johns

As soon as the boys were gone, Ian turned to his uncle. “What just happened?”

Vanek chuckled. “Did you really think cramming those boys into a carriage would fix things?”

“But to send them out alone? Laurel won’t like it.” Ian fiddled with the buttons on his cuff. “I don’t like it.”

—excerpted from Byways, Book 1: On Your Marks

Ian’s overly optimistic plan was doomed from the start, but thanks to wise Uncle Vanek, the brothers will each have a chance to prove themselves. This big bear of a man is the Postmaster’s business partner, his trusted friend, and his uncle. Vanek Johns is the person who helped Ian establish the postal system that serves Liberty’s people. He has a booming voice and a deep laugh. The father of six grown children, he’s wise when it comes to helping young ones grow up.


#amreading Boldly

Book Report 30

Loser is an endearing story about a boy who’s … a little different. I picked up The Vanishing Game to fill a slot on my A-Z Reading Challenge and was intrigued to find that the Hardy Boys have been dragged into the modern era and equipped with cell phones and contemporary slang. Not too shabby, though this particular mystery had a slap-dash finish. Jungle of Bones is a survival story in which an angry boy behaves stupidly, then has to live long enough to learn from his mistakes. Lots in this about WWII in the Pacific and respecting our veterans.

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#amreading Culturally

Book Report 29

Here are three books that celebrate and explore culture and differences. In One Crazy Summer, three girls trade east coast for west coast in order to spend time with their mother. Set in the 70’s, there are many references to the Civil Rights movement. Yang the Youngest and His Terrible Ear is about a Chinese family that’s moved to America. Everyone’s a gifted musician except Yingtao, who’d really like to trade his violin for a baseball glove. And Save Me a Seat alternates perspectives between an American boy named Joe and Ravi, who’s recently arrived from India. Definitely one of my favorite books so far this year!

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