October Reads

Autumn’s Arrival. This time of year, when the temperatures drop into a range that’s comfy for walking outdoors, I do a whole lot more reading. Book walks are happening every morning, so I’m bringing back my book-tracking calendar this month. Let’s see what adventures are in store!

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#amreading Families

Crane is the fourth book in the Five Ancestors series and a direct continuation of the books before it. (I hate giving summaries for individual books in a series since they’ll inevitably contain spoilers for previous volumes.) Suffice to say, I like the kung fu adventure! In Finding Orion, when Grandpa Qwirk dies, he does it like he lived: in his own way. Rion and his family go back to his dad’s home town for a funeral, but find themselves on the strangest scavenger hunt that ever was. The Witch Boy is a graphic novel. Aster is at the age when he should be learning to shift into an animal form so he can join the other men as a warrior/protector. But he’s much more interested in the lessons that are only handed down from mother to daughter. Aster wants to be a witch.

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#amreading Green

In Charlie & Frog, Charlie goes to live with his television-obsessed grandparents in a small town that’s home to a school for the deaf. His first friend, a girl called Frog, rallies him to her side in order to solve a mystery, just like the deaf heroine in her favorite mystery series. A lower middle grade series starter. Lots of lessons in sign language for readers. And the recurring motto, “Deaf Can!” Snake is the third book in the Five Ancestors series. Since it’s a direct continuation, there’s not much I can say. Except that I really liked these books. Ivy & Bean is about two very different girls become the best of friends. A lower middle grade series. Not my favorite dynamic, but I’ll give a few more books in the series a chance. I’m the type of reader who gets attached to characters.

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#amreading Continuations

Monkey is the second book in the Five Ancestors series, which follows three students of the kung fu arts. This book is a direct continuation from the previous book, so there’s not much I can say without spoiling the story. Totally hooked, though. Prince of Elves is the fifth book in the graphic novel series Amulet. Because everything builds on what’s come before, I can’t say anything that wouldn’t be a spoiler. Suffice to say … it’s good! EndGames wraps up the storyline begun in Newsprints. Bit of a (discourse-heavy) rush to the finish. Would have loved it if Xu had the luxury of two more volumes to flesh out all these new characters more. (Because they’re all so intriguing!)

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#amreading Boldly

In Will Sparrow’s Road, Will is a liar, a thief, and a runaway who only looks out for himself. But he’s beginning to understand that you can’t trust what a person promises any more than you should put stock in how a person looks. Oddities and rarities and misfits. Good and bad and belonging. The Cathedral of Fear is the fourth book in the series. A mystery that mostly takes place in war-torn Paris … and is riddled with references to streets and sites that would warm any historian’s heart. Interesting references to the famed French author Alexandre Dumas. More adventure than mystery here, since readers aren’t given many clues or enough context to solve the problem. And (alas!) English-speaking readers are left hanging by the final revelation, which hints at more, because these first four books are the only ones that have been translated from the original Italian. And Tiger kicks off a kung fu series. Five young kung fu masters are hidden away by their teacher when their temple is overrun and its one hundred fighting monks slaughtered. They must stop the one who planned this massacre, someone who they considered a brother, one of their Grandmaster’s former pupils. This book takes place from the point of view of Fu, whose name means tiger and who uses tiger-style fighting.

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