COVER REVEAL: Among the Tents

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Byways #13, Among the Tents: A Ganix Johns Adventure. Ganix finds the perfect job in a bustling seaside town that’s famous for its circus. Flashy costumes, dazzling magic shows, and a kind-hearted ringmaster make it possible for Hurlock and Galena to keep their secret. Until one of the sideshow attractions starts acting strange.   

Circus Tents

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#amreading: 2018 Reading Challenge

May of 2017 was when I jumped in and really learned the ropes at GoodReads, a wonderful site for book lovers. I put down a 50-book goal for the 2017 Reading Challenge. I began writing reviews for every book I finished. I organized my shelves. I joined an online book club and read their Book of the Month. I took part in an A-Z Challenge. I entered giveaways. I even created a bunch of lists on Listopia. And by the end of the year, logging into GoodReads became an enjoyable part of my daily routine.

So here we are in January 2018, and I have the Whole Year ahead! I’ve set a new goal for the site’s 2018 Reading Challenge, and I’ve signed up for a handful of other reading challenges in the groups.

GoodReads Reading Challenge

GoodReads 2018 Reading Challenge
my goal is 150 Books

Great Middle Grade Reads A-Z Challenge
my goal is to get through the alphabet twice

All About YA Master of Reading Challenge
my goal is to read 20 books in the steampunk genre

How about you? What are your reading goals for the new year?
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