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Part Two. I seem to be reading a lot of duologies lately. Stories in two parts. My current read fits the July BINGO board because it has a character with a disability. (Kitto Quick was born with a club foot.) I’m midway through The Dagger X, the second half of Kitto’s pirate-laced, ocean-faring adventure by Brian Eames.

Eames, Brian - 1 and 2

Highly Recommended!

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Book Report 62

Hundred Percent is the nickname of a girl named Tink (well, that’s also a nickname, but she’s been going by Tinkerbell since she was little) who is navigating the special drama that comes with being twelve. Mostly friendship drama. In Charlie Bone and the Beast (Book 6 of 7), a new boy brings trouble to Bloor’s Academy, and an old enemy is in need of rescue. More backstory, more connections. Plenty of tension to keep the pages turning. And The Return of Zita the Spacegirl is the culmination of Hatke’s graphic novel trilogy. (But it’s not the end of the story!)


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#amreading Sets and Serieses

Book Report 61

Charlie Bone and the Hidden King is the fifth book in the Children of the Red King series. At this point, there’s very little I can say without spoilering early books in the series, and I do detest spoilers. Needless to say, new problems are multiplying nearly as quickly as old ones are settled. It’s similarly difficult to say anything about The Creeping Shadow, which is Book 4 of 5 for Lockwood & Co. Eerie and edgy and exciting straight on through. My affection for these characters flourishes. And you really need to grab Ben Hatke’s graphic novels. Legends of Zita the Spacegirl is the second in the set. Very much a favorite!

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One Week Left

Not Quite an All-Cover. There’s a scant week left in June, and I’ve managed a second BINGO on my summer reading board. Heading in, I kind of wanted to cover all the squares, but I’ll definitely run out of days before I run out of books. : )

CJs Bingo Board, June 2020

I have books set aside for most of the remaining squares, but I’m not sure how far I’ll get in six days. After spending last month reading lower middle grade quickies, it’s been so nice to tackle longer titles again. Confession: Since I’m a moderator at MGCarousel, I’ve already gotten a peek at July’s BINGO board. I’ll finish up a book or two for June, then focus on next month’s squares!