January BINGO

Let’s Do This! I’m always so excited to read middle grade books in January. There are plenty of incentives:

  • Re-upped my goal for Goodreads’ 2020 Reading Challenge. (Are you following me on Goodreads?)
  • Participating in the A-Z Challenge at Great Middle Grade Reads, where I’m a moderator. (This year, I plan to get through the alphabet twice. Again.)
  • Also participating in the GMGR Series Challenge for 2020, which I use to motivate my reading … both in wrapping up unfinished trilogies and for tackling larger series.
  • And I’m active with Middle Grade Carousel, which keeps things interesting with monthly themes & BINGO boards:

CJ's Bingo, Jan 2020

#amreading Hodge Podge

Book Report 46.jpg

I’ve dabbled quite a bit in books like Love That Dog, which tell a single story through a series of interconnected poems. In this case, the young poet/protagonist is writing these poems as part of his English homework, so I can see it being useful to teachers doing poetry units. A Grain of Rice reads like a folk tale. A pleasant, hard-working man turns an empire upside down by being very, very clever. Math is involved! And The Everafter War is the next (seventh) installment in The Sisters Grimm series.

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#amreading Excitement

Book Report 45.jpg

While I mostly prefer the upper reaches of the Middle Grade range (10-12 year olds), I do dabble in books intended for younger readers (8-10 year olds). One of my favorite lower middle grade finds was The Adventures of Sir Lancelot the Great, mostly because Morris made me laugh. More than once. Tales from the Hood is the sixth book in the Sisters Grimm series, which I recommend. Serafina and the Black Cloak, the first in a series, is an intriguing blend of historical fiction and magical realism that is tense enough and scary enough that I’d caution against it for sensitive readers. But for those who enjoy teetering on the edge of their seats, this is a stand-out series.

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