#amreading: Realistic Fiction

Book Report 22

Rules was impossible for me to put down. It’s a sibling story & a friendship story. (Two of my favorite things!) Catherine makes a new friend in the waiting room at the office where her little brother David (who is autistic) goes for occupational therapy. Jason can’t talk, but Catherine steadily adds words to his vocabulary. In The Wednesday Wars, Holling Hoodhood is pretty sure that his teacher hates his guts. Especially when she decides to introduce him to Shakespeare. (Set during the Vietnam War.) And Mission Typhoon will prepare young readers for the rigors of surviving in the jungle during a typhoon. (Umm, do not make the mistake of reading this while eating. My bowl of rice coincided with the ant larva scene and … eww.)

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#amreading Variously

Book Report 21

The Jacket turns a simple misunderstanding into one boy’s wrestling with his understanding of race, equality, and bigotry. The Cat Who Went to Heaven is a picturesque historical piece about a Japanese artist. It includes many simplified versions of stories about the life (and reincarnations) of Buddha. Drizzle is a delightful save-the-farm story that includes a magical rhubarb patch and regularly scheduled rainstorms.

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#amreading Traditions

Book Report 20

In Buried Fire, the new minister at the church on the hill revels in the discovery of an ancient cross buried on their grounds. Meanwhile, a boy on a sleepy hillside is trapped and changed by a malicious thought that rises up from the Pit. In The Gravedigger’s Son, Ian is destined to follow in his father’s footsteps, watching over the dead. The only problem is, he’d really rather be a healer. And Night of the Howling Dogs is a survival story about a scout troop camping in Hawaii when an earthquake hits.

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