#amreading Across Genres

Book Report 52

My Seventh Grade Life in Tights is an upbeat contemporary story about a boy who loves to dance more than anything. Which forces him to make some hard choices. The Hero’s Guide to Being an Outlaw is the dramatic conclusion to the League of Princes trilogy. (Love these guys. So much.) And Twelve Minutes to Midnight is a historical that introduces a girl who writes penny dreadfuls under a penname … and hires an actor to pretend to be her in public. Her quick wits (and his reluctant attendance) are needed to solve a mystery that begins at Bedlam.

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#amreading Adventurously

Book Report 51

I really enjoyed Loot, which reminded me why a good heist is one of my favorite sub-genres of action/adventure. I need to read the next book, which is called Sting. The Lotterys Plus One warmed my heart in a lot of ways: big family, homeschool, and multi-generational household. The quirk to raise is that the parents of the Lottery household are two couples (M/M, F/F) who have adopted most of their children. N. D. Wilson’s The Chestnut King brings a big finish to his 100 Cupboards trilogy, which takes portal fantasy to giddy heights. Smart and lyrical.

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#amreading Variously

Book Report 50

While I finally reached the conclusion that the Flavia de Luce mysteries are not technically middle grade, the heroine of the stories is twelve. The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie is the first in a series of historical mysteries starring a girl with a keen interest in chemistry/poisons. When the Circus Came to Town is about a girl with a face scarred by smallpox and a Chinese man who looks for ways to lure her out of her depression. The Hero’s Guide to Storming the Castle is the second book in the League of Princes trilogy. Fabulously funny. Amazing art.

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#amreading Good Books

Book Report 49

You know, when I read Serafina and the Splintered Heart, I thought it was the final book in a trilogy. Lo and behold, a fourth book came out last year! Very good news, since this is one of the best MG suspense serieses I’ve read. Catwings is a very short story about a litter of kittens who are born with wings. And The Grimjinx Rebellion is the final book in Farrey’s Vengekeep Prophecies, which ranks high among my all-time favorite middle grade trilogies.

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#amreading Excitement

Book Report 48

The Half-a-Moon Inn is a short, suspenseful story about a mute boy who’s home alone when a blizzard strikes. He goes off to find his mother, who’d gone to market to sell their wares, and stumbles into trouble. The Council of Mirrors is the final book in The Sisters Grimm series, and I like how Buckley wrapped up his story. And then there’s The Shadowhand Covenant, the second book in the Vengekeep Prophecies trilogy, featuring my favorite family of thieves.

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