FOLKS: Zane’s Team

Zane, Over the Bridge

“I did hear a rumor about a blacksmith down in Old Bridge who’s been wanting to travel to the western colonies. I thought we could check it out in the morning.”

“Guess so,” Zane replied. “But I don’t want them if they’re annoying.”

“What kind of person are we looking for?” Jovan asked.

“Someone quiet, who’ll do as they’re told.”

“Like me?”

Zane rolled his eyes. “You never do as you’re told.”

—Byways #3, Over the Bridge: A Zane Johns Adventure

Zane Johns is the second son of Liberty’s Postmaster, a young man with an independent streak as wide as the Wilds. He chooses the central route, so the race  will send him straight into uncharted territory. But before Zane can make any progress, he and his best friend Jovan need to find a travel buddy.

In Book #3, Over the Bridge, they catch wind of a blacksmith who wants to move west, which brings them to Trenton Forge.

Trenton Forge

The rumors are true, but an important detail was left out. Brielle Trenton is a young woman. And Zane can’t believe Jovan thinks it’s a good idea to travel with a girl. Especially one as pushy as Bree.

Brielle Trenton

Brielle Trenton

Jovan’s knack for diplomacy is much-needed as he attempts to balance wants and needs, rules and requirements. One race, two rebels, and the three over-protective blacksmiths who won’t trust their baby sister to just anyone. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

Jovan Johns

Jovan Johns

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