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ART: Byways Brothers

Byways 1-7

FanArt is fun! There’s nothing quite like opening mail and finding a reader’s creative outburst. Last week, I received another piece of Byways art from Skylee, who’s been reading through the series. This’un is titled “Byways Brothers” and features all three boys plus Ewan’s girls.  Continue reading ART: Byways Brothers

ART: Ewan’s Girls

Book 02, Aboard the Train

Fwee! Art is one of the surest ways to make my heart go pitty-pat. Today, I’m smiling over story art from Skylee, who just finished Byways, Book #2, Aboard the Train: A Ewan Johns Adventure. The eldest Johns brother puts the gentle in gentleman. Here he is with “his” girls, Tamaqua and Juniata. Continue reading ART: Ewan’s Girls

BYWAYS: A Peek at Book #5

Book 02, Aboard the Train

“Girls, this is important,” Ewan said, talking fast. “The quickest way to reach Mister Nathan is if I carry both of you.”

“Two is too heavy,” Tamaqua said.

“Not if I Change.”

—excerpted from Byways Book #5: Inside the Tree

A Ewan Johns Adventure. I’ve been busy behind the scenes getting the next batch of Byways books ready for their May release. The fun part is definitely working with Hannah Christenson on cover illustrations. Today, I’ll share a sneak peek of an early sketch for the cover of Inside the Tree. Continue reading BYWAYS: A Peek at Book #5

FOLKS: Ewan’s Team

Book 02, Aboard the Train

The little girls huddled together, shivering from cold and possibly from fear. Both of them had deep brown skin and glossy black hair. The smaller girl hid her eyes with her hands, and Ewan smiled. Did she think it would make her invisible?

—Byways #2, Aboard the Train: A Ewan Johns Adventure

Continue reading FOLKS: Ewan’s Team