Hometown Challenge

Brothers Chibis by f-wd

CJ has always loved sending and receiving mail, so she’s issued a special challenge to Byways readers everywhere. When you mail her a postcard from your hometown, she’ll send back a postcard from the brothers. If your hometown doesn’t have their own postcards, one from your home state, nearby city, or local historical site is fine and dandy. [International readers can play along, too.]

1) For this to work, you’ll need to include a return address on your postcard.
2) If you tell CJ which brother you hope will win the race, she’ll add his stamp to your postcard.
3) Your postcard may be featured on a future “Mailbag” blog post.
4) CJ will add a pin for your hometown to the big map that hangs near her favorite writing spot.

 The postcard you’ll get back in the mail is special. You can only get one by taking part in the Hometown Challenge. To claim yours, send your postcard to…

C. J. Milbrandt
P. O. Box 23053
San Diego, CA 92193