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COVER REVEAL: Down the Stairs

Down the Stairs small header

Snow and Steam. In Ewan’s next book, he takes a wrong turn and ends up on the wrong mountain. A late spring storm strands him and the girls in Boiling Springs. The town has a fine inn, a steamy bathhouse, and a secret. When Tamaqua and Juniata disappear, Ewan has to chase the legend of a dragon. Continue reading COVER REVEAL: Down the Stairs

SALE: Ewan’s Second Adventure!

Inside the Tree, header

Anniversary Sale! The special deals continue with today’s special price on Byways Book #5, Inside the Tree: A Ewan Johns Adventure. For one week, this title will be a Kindle Countdown Deal, which means the sooner you buy, the lower the price. If you go over to Amazon and take a look, you’ll find a ticker counting down the seconds to the next price jump. Right now, you can get this new release for only $1.99 (regularly priced $4.99).


This year’s anniversary deals will allow you to really get to know Ewan, the eldest of the Johns brothers. Is it okay to skip from Book #2 all the way to Book #5 in a series? Yep! I release the books in batches of three, one for each brother, so you’ll simply be “playing favorites” by following Ewan’s course.

SALE Ewan's Titles

ART: Byways Brothers

Byways 1-7

FanArt is fun! There’s nothing quite like opening mail and finding a reader’s creative outburst. Last week, I received another piece of Byways art from Skylee, who’s been reading through the series. This’un is titled “Byways Brothers” and features all three boys plus Ewan’s girls.  Continue reading ART: Byways Brothers

ART: Ewan’s Girls

Book 02, Aboard the Train

Fwee! Art is one of the surest ways to make my heart go pitty-pat. Today, I’m smiling over story art from Skylee, who just finished Byways, Book #2, Aboard the Train: A Ewan Johns Adventure. The eldest Johns brother puts the gentle in gentleman. Here he is with “his” girls, Tamaqua and Juniata. Continue reading ART: Ewan’s Girls

ART: Amber Eyes

Book 02, Aboard the Train

The Johns family tree was truly magical. Some said it was because Ian’s great-great-great-grandfather had married a woodland fairy. Since then, men and women in their clan sometimes showed signs of magic. Those with dynasty level talents considered the Johns’ ability a quaint quirk. But Ian was proud of his inheritance.

—Byways, Book #1, On Your Marks: The Adventure Begins

Changers. Readers of the Byways books quickly discover that Ian Johns and his three sons aren’t typical. Not only do all three boys have different mothers (making them half-brothers), they’ve each inherited their father’s magical talent. Continue reading ART: Amber Eyes