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ART: Team Hunt [Deuce]

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This is what he’d been looking forward to. Seeing Ulrica in action. And in his current role, the view was sublime. Aye, she was twelve. But she was also relentless, resourceful, and ridiculously eager. — excerpted from Deuce

The Galleries of Stone trilogy is complete, but there are plenty of stories left to tell. As time allows, I’m framing a new trilogy that’s full of Meadowsweets, Harrows, and even a Rakefang or two. And short stories are scheduled to make an appearance at regular intervals. And then there’s Deuce. This serial delves into the history of two characters who would scoff at being labeled “minor.” Today, I thought I’d share some artwork that I’ve had tucked away since this story was in the planning stages. Continue reading ART: Team Hunt [Deuce]

ART: Tupper [Galleries of Stone]

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Tupper followed his daytime guardian, taking care not to let his hair get caught in overhanging branches. His last haircut had been near the end of the previous summer, so his white-blond curls were becoming difficult to manage. He often wondered if he could buck Flox tradition and let his hair grow out as long as Freydolf’s.

—excerpted from Galleries of Stone, Book 2: Harrow

Tupper Meadowsweet’s whole perspective shifts when he joins Freydolf in the Statuary. The rush of new information would throw anyone off balance, but the boy proves nimbler than most. Distant mountains. Vast oceans. Diverse races. Strange lands. And a whisper of magic that lures him deep into Morven’s galleries. Today, I’m sharing a watercolor of a Tupper whose hair has gone a bit shaggier than is respectable for Flox boys. Continue reading ART: Tupper [Galleries of Stone]

ART: Amber Eyes

Book 02, Aboard the Train

The Johns family tree was truly magical. Some said it was because Ian’s great-great-great-grandfather had married a woodland fairy. Since then, men and women in their clan sometimes showed signs of magic. Those with dynasty level talents considered the Johns’ ability a quaint quirk. But Ian was proud of his inheritance.

—Byways, Book #1, On Your Marks: The Adventure Begins

Changers. Readers of the Byways books quickly discover that Ian Johns and his three sons aren’t typical. Not only do all three boys have different mothers (making them half-brothers), they’ve each inherited their father’s magical talent. Continue reading ART: Amber Eyes


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Book Three. The third and final volume in the Galleries of Stone trilogy is due to release on Tuesday, February 24, 2015. As of yesterday, Rakefang‘s cover has been finalized, so look forward to Friday’s cover reveal! I’ve been swapping emails all week with Hannah Christenson, illustrator extraordinaire. Art peeks are my favorite kind of teasers, so I have to share! Continue reading COMING SOON: Rakefang

ART: A Moment’s Repose [Galleries of Stone]

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Tupper basked in a sunny patch down by the stream, his face tilted to catch the occasional breezes that found their way through the trees. Training had made for several short nights over the last few weeks, so dozing came easily.

—excerpted from Galleries of Stone, Book 2: Harrow

The third and final book in the Galleries of Stone trilogy is due out in February Continue reading ART: A Moment’s Repose [Galleries of Stone]

PREVIEW: Byways Spot Illustrations

Byways Entries

Countdown: 4 Weeks. We’re counting down to the release the first book in my new children’s series. Each Thursday, I’ll bring out sketches, excerpts, and explanations of the adventure ahead. Yesterday, I revealed the cover for Byways, Book 1: On Your Marks. Today, I’m offering a peek at the story’s interior illustrations. Continue reading PREVIEW: Byways Spot Illustrations

FOLKS: Rimbles

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“So you haven’t seen him?” Aurelius prodded.

“Maybe he’s hiding from you.” Giving the other man a stern look, he added, “You could have been more polite at breakfast.”

“I was!” he insisted. “For me.”

Freydolf snorted and said, “If you don’t bridle your tongue, you’ll never win the lad over.”

“I’ll bridle my tongue when you collar your pet,” Aurelius muttered. “He’d be easier to find if you kept him on a leash.”

“Have you tried behind the rimbles in the upper loggia?”

The other Pred blinked. “The what in the where?”

—excerpted from Galleries of Stone, Book 1: Meadowsweet

What the deuce is a rimbles? Since much of the Galleries of Stone trilogy is set in the Statuary, there should be little surprise that many of the characters are statues. Those who bear a master’s mark can “come to life” under the right conditions. Young Tupper Meadowsweet has two such stone guardians—one for day, one for night. He names his daytime guardian Rimbles. Continue reading FOLKS: Rimbles