ART: A Moment’s Repose [Galleries of Stone]

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Tupper basked in a sunny patch down by the stream, his face tilted to catch the occasional breezes that found their way through the trees. Training had made for several short nights over the last few weeks, so dozing came easily.

—excerpted from Galleries of Stone, Book 2: Harrow

The third and final book in the Galleries of Stone trilogy is due out in February, putting us mere weeks away from the release of Rakefang. Lots of things are happening behind the scenes—cover art, rereads, final edits, formatting. You can expect an uptick in Galleries-themed posts as we enter countdown mode. For today, I offer a peaceful moment with Tupper, who does love the quiet … and Rimbles, who adores a good bask.

A Moment's Repose by Anna EarleyA Moment’s Repose • Anna Earley

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