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The Keeper charged through the Harrow’s front door, bellowing, “Aurelius!”

“In here,” his brother-in-law sang out.

Following the sound of his voice into the sleeping chamber, he found the man packing for his trip. Holding up two vests in slightly different shades of brown, he asked, “Chestnut or nutmeg?”

—Galleries of Stone, Book 2: Harrow

Gilded Fingers. I’m forever running into things that remind me of my stories. In a recent perusal of Continue reading CHIT-CHAT: Harrow

OLEXI: My Indie Imprint

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At first, he wasn’t sure what kind of animal it might be, but Tupper liked watching as Freydolf added reticulated lines until the tiny animal looked shaggy and real. Then, he switched his attention to the creatures head, teasing away unneeded flakes of stone until a muzzle poked out, sloping up to a broad brow adorned with a pair of curving horns.

As Freydolf used a shiv to give them texture, Tupper glanced warily at the sculptor’s face; his people were sometimes picked on for their passing resemblance to herd beasts. To his relief, the Pred’s expression was one of serene concentration; his half-smile bore no hint of malice or mockery, so the boy relaxed.

Finally, Freydolf asked, “What do you think, lambkin?”

“A ram?”

“Aye,” he said, offering him the finished sculpture. Its head tilted at a proud angle, and there were curls on its chest and fetlocks. “He’s a noble little thing.”

—Galleries of Stone, Book 1: Meadowsweet

Curling Horns. While Tupper is adjusting to life in the Statuary, his new master decides that the best way to explain his magic is to … well, to show off a bit. Freydolf crafts a small ram from Continue reading OLEXI: My Indie Imprint

CHIT-CHAT: Adopt a Word

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I’ve been following wordnik since my first days on Twitter, participating in their (now defunct) daily challenge to use their Word of the Day in a sentence. I have fond memories of silly word-related contests, and I often retweet their List of the Day. Hey, I even won a wordnik t-shirt! So it’s only natural that when they began putting words up for adoption, I jumped at the chance to Continue reading CHIT-CHAT: Adopt a Word

CHIT-CHAT: Birthday Traditions

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Freydolf couldn’t help comparing this quiet celebration to the citywide extravaganzas in his homeland. The quarterly festivals were a matter of pride, with those born during each season doing their best to outdo the rest. Presents were lavish and plentiful, and those who had attained another year dressed all in white. Boys grudgingly submitted to having their claws gilded with copper, and girls proudly added a new coin to jingling headdresses.

—excerpted from Galleries of Stone, Book 2, Harrow

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