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BINGO – January / February

2022 READING CHALLENGES. This year, #MGCarousel is giving us more time to tackle our bingo boards, and I think it’s great. Here’s the new board for January & February.

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February 2022 Calendar. Since I’m reading my MG books in alphabetical order this year, it’s a lot harder to fit them onto the BINGO board. But there’s always room on my calendar.

THIS is what happens when my month is overtaken by edits and narration sessions! Hardly any middle grade found its way into my February, but I was reading (with intensity) every day. Such is the life of an author.

10 Year Anniversary

Galleries of Stone. My, my, how a decade can fly. It’s been ten years since I challenged myself to write a story day-by-day, scene-by-scene, using the Word of the Day from as a writing prompt. That daily effort added up to a story I’m still incredibly proud to call mine. And finding a way to celebrate the 10th Anniversary turned out to be simple. This year, I’ll be bringing out the Galleries of Stone trilogy in audio format, narrated by Travis Baldree. Meadowsweet will release in March!

#amreading Always

Oooh, wow. I haven’t done one of these posts in over a year. Let’s pick up where I left off. There’ve been so many books since we last chatted! ~CJ

Book Report 40

The Sisters Grimm series proceeds with The Unusual Suspects. Since it’s such a long-runner, you’ll see more covers crop up in coming weeks. Pleased to see one of my favorite characters (the pink-winged Puck) featured on this one. I like to mix classics into my reading pile, especially if I haven’t read them since I was in elementary school myself. DId you know that The Indian in the Cupboard kicks off a series? I’ve been watching for & collecting the remaining titles whenever I’m out thrifting. And I very much enjoyed The Ravenmaster’s Secret: Escape from the Tower of London, both for the story and its setting. This historical adventure may be a bit gritty for sensitive readers (it kicks off with a hanging), but I liked that Woodruff didn’t romanticize the era. This ended up being one of my favorite bookish finds for 2018.

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