PREVIEW: More Spot Illustrations

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Things are coming along nicely with Harrow, which is scheduled to release in April. It’s been such a pleasure to go back into the storyline and spend time with Tupper, Freydolf, and their families. In less than a month, I’ll tackle final edits and add the spot illustrations. Which brings me to the point of this post.

Just like I did when Meadowsweet was nearing its release, I’m sharing a sampling of the small illustrations Hannah Christenson created for scene breaks. She worked from my lists in order to bring details from Tupper’s world to life. Here’s what her initial sketches look like:

Harrow Scene Break Sketches

These are wonderful on their own, but Hannah further beautifies my world by throwing around a lot of color. There are dozens of spot illustrations throughout these books, and all of them are in full color.

Harrow Scene Break Items

I hope you’re looking forward to Harrow‘s release as much as I am. Until next time,


<< Spot Illustrations for Book 1: Meadowsweet

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