CHIT-CHAT: Birthday Traditions

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Freydolf couldn’t help comparing this quiet celebration to the citywide extravaganzas in his homeland. The quarterly festivals were a matter of pride, with those born during each season doing their best to outdo the rest. Presents were lavish and plentiful, and those who had attained another year dressed all in white. Boys grudgingly submitted to having their claws gilded with copper, and girls proudly added a new coin to jingling headdresses.

—excerpted from Galleries of Stone, Book 2, Harrow

Every family has their own quirks—stories, sayings, routines, traditions. While I was writing Galleries of Stone in 2012, I inadvertently invented a new family tradition. Because we adopted a Pred birthday tradition. In our family, we mark our natal day by gilding our nails.

Pred Inspired Bday Tradition

It’s been a lovely day. Thank you to those who sent along well wishes. ~CJ

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