The Statuary by Raka, header

The Keeper charged through the Harrow’s front door, bellowing, “Aurelius!”

“In here,” his brother-in-law sang out.

Following the sound of his voice into the sleeping chamber, he found the man packing for his trip. Holding up two vests in slightly different shades of brown, he asked, “Chestnut or nutmeg?”

—Galleries of Stone, Book 2: Harrow

Gilded Fingers. I’m forever running into things that remind me of my stories. In a recent perusal of nail polish at a local variety store, I snagged two bottles of brown and held them up for my daughter to see. And asked… “Chestnut or nutmeg?”

Chestnut or Nutmeg

Naturally, I ended up buying both. (Couldn’t resist!)

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