CHIT-CHAT: Adopt a Word

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I’ve been following wordnik since my first days on Twitter, participating in their (now defunct) daily challenge to use their Word of the Day in a sentence. I have fond memories of silly word-related contests, and I often retweet their List of the Day. Hey, I even won a wordnik t-shirt! So it’s only natural that when they began putting words up for adoption, I jumped at the chance to celebrate the Byways books. For the duration of one year, you’ll find C. J. Milbrandt listed alongside their online dictionary entry for “byway.”

Byway Adoption on Wordnik

Much to my delight, wordnik even sent me a spiffy certificate to commemorate this most auspicious of connections:

Wordnik - Byway Certificate

What word would you adopt?

5 thoughts on “CHIT-CHAT: Adopt a Word

  1. Hmmm, let’s see. I like ‘serendipity: a fortunate accident’. I also like ‘defenestrate: to throw (someone) out a window as a means of execution’, but too many other people are keen on that one, so I doubt I’d get to adopt it. I’d probably go with the word that’s been a favourite since I heard it when I was 7 – ‘sesquipedalian: (of a word) extremely long (literally, a foot and a half long)’.


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