COVER REVEAL: Across the Line

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Byways, Book #7 • Across the Line: A Ganix Johns Adventure
Releases: May 26, 2015
State by State: Maryland [learn more]

Ganix Johns doesn’t think he needs a constant companion, but then he meets someone who needs him. Hurlock is a magician with chains on his ankles, and his wife Galena is about to be sold. Ganix schemes to set them free.

_07 Across the Line by C. J. Milbrandt

Three titles will release on May 26.

Byways, 5, 6, 7

Begin at the starting line!

Byways, Book #1: On Your Marks
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo

Taking sibling rivalry to brand new lengths…

Series Summary: Ian Johns is the founder of the postal system in the land of Liberty. Twice widowed, he has three sons, all half-brothers, and the boys don’t get along. In order to help them bond, Ian plans a tour of the country in the hopes that travel will bring them closer together. But somehow, the plan is twisted around, and the trip becomes a race.

Age Range: These books are geared for young readers who are ready for their very first chapter books (ages 6-10).

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4 thoughts on “COVER REVEAL: Across the Line

  1. I like the name Galena! It’s pretty! Wait a minute, is that little raccoon by Hurlock’s feet… Ganix? :-) ~Sky


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