BYWAYS: Behind the Header

Byways, for the website

We’re taking a look behind the header on Byways cover illustrations. The series title often hides pretty scenes or special secrets. This week, it’s Zane’s turn. On Book #6, we get a dramatic first look at one of the many creatures who call the Wilds their home. Since Zane’s half-wild himself, he gets along well with everything from firebirds to fairy kestrels.

Firebird Nest

White stone littered the landscape. Round boulders came in every size, and smooth spikes jutted out of the grass like the ribs of a huge skeleton. All the green and white might have been pretty on a sunny day, but with dark clouds boiling across the sky, it was spooky.

—Byways #6, Into the Hills: A Zane Johns Adventure

Here’s what’s behind the header on the cover of Byways Book #6, Into the Hills: A Zane Johns Adventure.

Behind the Scenes - Book 06

More to come in weeks ahead …

_07 Into the Hills by C. J. Milbrandt

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