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BYWAYS: Behind the Header

Byways, for the website

How about a look behind the Byways header on Book #13, Among the Tents: A Ganix Johns Adventure? This story follows Ganix to the circus, where he is able to protect his teammates and make new friends. He earns a stage name (or two) and does odd jobs behind the scenes. The cover art for Book #13 features the Neptune Circus carousel.

Circus Tents

Story Excerpt:

The huge three-top tent was packed with people. Hoots and hollers. Whistles and cheers. Excitement hummed through the stands, making Ganix’s stomach do a few backflips. He’d been too jittery to eat much dinner, so roasting peanuts, popping corn, and spun sugar smelled good. Continue reading BYWAYS: Behind the Header

COVER REVEAL: Among the Tents

Byways 13 Header

Byways #13, Among the Tents: A Ganix Johns Adventure. Ganix finds the perfect job in a bustling seaside town that’s famous for its circus. Flashy costumes, dazzling magic shows, and a kind-hearted ringmaster make it possible for Hurlock and Galena to keep their secret. Until one of the sideshow attractions starts acting strange.   

Circus Tents

Continue reading COVER REVEAL: Among the Tents