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NEWSWORTHY: Local Author Exhibit

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Last weekend, I attended the reception for the San Diego Public Library’s 49th Annual Local Author Exhibit. To take part, you contribute a book written during the previous year, which is then included in a huge display on the downtown library’s first floor. Continue reading NEWSWORTHY: Local Author Exhibit

FOLKS: Zane’s Team

Zane, Over the Bridge

“I did hear a rumor about a blacksmith down in Old Bridge who’s been wanting to travel to the western colonies. I thought we could check it out in the morning.”

“Guess so,” Zane replied. “But I don’t want them if they’re annoying.”

“What kind of person are we looking for?” Jovan asked.

“Someone quiet, who’ll do as they’re told.”

“Like me?”

Zane rolled his eyes. “You never do as you’re told.”

—Byways #3, Over the Bridge: A Zane Johns Adventure

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BYWAYS: Sketches for Book #3

Byways Entries

Coming Soon. This fall, I’ll be releasing the next three books in the Byways series, one for each brother. Between now and then, I’m offering peeks at some of the details that are falling into place. Story snippets. Character introductions. Cover reveals. Today, I bring more of Hannah Christenson’s sketches, this time for Byways Book #3. Over the Bridge is Zane‘s first solo adventure.  Continue reading BYWAYS: Sketches for Book #3