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BYWAYS: Behind the Header

Byways, for the website

I love the Byways header, which features some of the magical, mythical creatures inhabiting Libery’s wild places. It adapts its hues to suit the setting. It shifts like a Changer to show which brother’s story you’re holding. (You noticed that, right?) AND, it blocks a good portion of Hannah Christenson’s cover illustrations. So I thought you might enjoy a peek at unseen things. Over the next several weeks, I’ll show you what’s going on behind the scenes. Continue reading BYWAYS: Behind the Header

ART: Prologue [Galleries of Stone]

Triad Header

“That man’s branch is severed from our tree. His star is fallen from our sky. His name is cast into the sea. May the depths take him.” Silence hung heavy in the house as the clan leader cursed his own son. “May his blood spill, may his bones break, may flames consume him. He is an enemy of this house. Should he trespass upon this clan’s holdings, my own dagger will spill his entrails, my own hands will wring the breath from his lungs. That man will meet his end.”

—Galleries of Stone, Book 1: Meadowsweet, Prologue

Reader Art. I’ve been away, and it’s lovely to be home again. One of my favorite parts of returning was finding new art in my inbox. I’ve featured Skylee’s art before. When she secured her print edition of Meadowsweet, she kicked off her re-read with art. And I have permission to share!
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Byways Entries

Magic isn’t the only legacy Mr. Ian Johns wants for his bickering sons. The Postmaster hoped the boys would bond during a family trip, but they twist his vacation plans into a race. Ewan, Zane, and Ganix soon find themselves far from home, facing choices that are far from easy. Three routes stretch from coast to coast. The rules: each brother—and his two companions—must check in at post offices along their route. At these waypoints, they stamp in with their personal seal and report their progress by postcard. —excerpted from the series summary that’s printed in the front of new Byways books

This blog’s Waypoint Log is inspired by the Byways Books, in which Ewan, Zane, and Ganix have to stop at post offices and stamp in. Their postcards home keep them in touch with Mr. and Mrs. Johns. Our log is more like a guest book, and it’s simple to stamp in. Continue reading WAYPOINT LOG: Stamp In

MINNESOTA TRIP: Spotting a Harrow

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Hello from my hometown! Those familiar with this blog may remember that while I currently make my home in Southern California, I’m originally from a small town in Minnesota. From time to time, I come back to the north country to visit my folks, who still live in the same old farmhouse where I grew up. Many aspects of the Galleries of Stone trilogy find their roots in my rural upbringing—rolling pastures, garden fare, and flocks of chickens. On past trips, I spotted another tie-in. Something I’d forgotten even though I’m sure we drove past it a few times each week. Today, we stopped to snap a picture! Continue reading MINNESOTA TRIP: Spotting a Harrow