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ART: Prologue [Galleries of Stone]

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“That man’s branch is severed from our tree. His star is fallen from our sky. His name is cast into the sea. May the depths take him.” Silence hung heavy in the house as the clan leader cursed his own son. “May his blood spill, may his bones break, may flames consume him. He is an enemy of this house. Should he trespass upon this clan’s holdings, my own dagger will spill his entrails, my own hands will wring the breath from his lungs. That man will meet his end.”

—Galleries of Stone, Book 1: Meadowsweet, Prologue

Reader Art. I’ve been away, and it’s lovely to be home again. One of my favorite parts of returning was finding new art in my inbox. I’ve featured Skylee’s art before. When she secured her print edition of Meadowsweet, she kicked off her re-read with art. And I have permission to share!
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ART: Team Hunt [Deuce]

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This is what he’d been looking forward to. Seeing Ulrica in action. And in his current role, the view was sublime. Aye, she was twelve. But she was also relentless, resourceful, and ridiculously eager. — excerpted from Deuce

The Galleries of Stone trilogy is complete, but there are plenty of stories left to tell. As time allows, I’m framing a new trilogy that’s full of Meadowsweets, Harrows, and even a Rakefang or two. And short stories are scheduled to make an appearance at regular intervals. And then there’s Deuce. This serial delves into the history of two characters who would scoff at being labeled “minor.” Today, I thought I’d share some artwork that I’ve had tucked away since this story was in the planning stages. Continue reading ART: Team Hunt [Deuce]

FANART: Aurelius and Ulrica [Deuce]

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Hey You. This past week, I received what one of my readers called a “quick little rough fanart thing.” I call it charming! Fanart is always a welcome surprise, and I’m tickled that the artist gave me permission to show hers off in a Show & Tell blog post. Continue reading FANART: Aurelius and Ulrica [Deuce]


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A Serialized Story. On Friday, January 9, I’ll be posting the first installment in a new story set in the Galleries of Stone universe. This prequel offers insight into Harrow history, beginning with the day Aurelius Harrow and Ulrica Rakefang met. As a New Year’s Eve treat, I’m unveiling Deuce‘s book cover, which features the art of Hannah Christenson. Continue reading COVER REVEAL: Deuce