BYWAYS: Behind the Header

Byways, for the website

Another week, another behind the scenes peek at a Byways cover illustration! This one’s a milestone of sorts since it’s the first time one of the brothers appears in his animal form. Ewan (the eldest) can Change into an elk. Fun Fact: All the Johns family members who can Change will shift into the form of an animal that’s native to North America. It’s just one more way the series ties to the 50 States.

Brothers Chibis by f-wd

Elk for Ewan, Raccoon for Ganix, Wolf for Zane

Here’s what’s behind the header on the cover of Byways Book #5, Inside the Tree: A Ewan Johns Adventure.

Behind the Scenes - Book 05

More to come in weeks ahead …

_05 Inside the Tree by C. J. Milbrandt

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