COVER REVEAL: In the Middle

In the Middle, header

“If this is a Wild place, shouldn’t it be more obvious? You could say that these are magic trees, covered in magic moss, growing out of magic dirt, and it’s all the same to me.” Bree asked, “Can’t you conjure up a pixie or a dragon, or at least a wisp of foxfire?”

“I’m afraid not, but we’re definitely in the Wilds,” said Jovan. “Since there’s a town nearby, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a wake forest.”


“Wake,” Jovan corrected. “Like a ship’s wake. When colonists enter the land without making peace with the wilderness, the wild parts retreat. Only a little magic is left in its wake. Just enough to hide some surprises.”

“Nope, this isn’t wake.” Zane peered around the woods from Hobo’s saddle. “Whatever these people did when they settled, they did it right. Magic runs deep around here.”

—Byways #12, In the Middle: A Zane Johns Adventure

Tar Heels and Blue Devils. A feud on the fringes drags Zane’s teammates to opposite ends of town. Both sides are convinced that the other is to blame for recent disappearances, but Zane knows better. He’ll have to face a piece of his past in order to haul the real culprit out of danger.

_12 In the Middle by C. J. Milbrandt

Book #12 includes state facts from
our twelfth state—North Carolina!

Release Date for print editions: July 25, 2017
COMING SOON: Zane’s Track & Book #13

Byways, 11-13, Coming Soon c

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2 thoughts on “COVER REVEAL: In the Middle

    1. Every time I add to this series, I think, “Wow. Did that just happen? THIS is my new favorite.” There are some amazing moments in this one. I hope you get the chance to read!


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