COMING SOON: Byways 8-10

Byways, 8, 9, 10, coming soon

Three New Stories! We’re zooming closer to the release of another trio of Byways Books. Ewan takes a wrong turn. Zane follows his nose. And Ganix comes out of hiding. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be giving you sneak peeks of what’s to come—sketches, story snippets, state facts, and cover reveals.

Release Date: Tuesday, October 27

Book #8 • Down the Stairs • A Ewan Johns Adventure
Ewan Johns takes a wrong turn and ends up on the wrong mountain. A late spring storm strands him and the girls in Boiling Springs. The town has a fine inn, a steamy bathhouse, and a secret. When Tamaqua and Juniata disappear, Ewan has to chase the legend of a dragon.

Book #9 • Through the Notches • A Zane Johns Adventure
Zane Johns follows his nose into the sweet-smelling town of Sugar Hill. He can’t wait to join in on their annual games … until he finds out what he has to wear! He, Jovan, and Bree are nowhere near their next waypoint, but the Old Man of the Mountain knows a shortcut.

Book #10 • Back on Track • A Ganix Johns Adventure
To keep his teammates safe, Ganix Johns is hiding in one of Liberty’s new colonies. Hurlock and Galena need to keep away from the chasers who hunt for runaway slaves. Thankfully, Ganix has plenty of plans to protect his new friends—detours, disguises, and donkeys!

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