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Big Finish. As mentioned on previous weeks, I took part in #MGBookMarch over on Twitter this year. To refresh your memory, here are ALL the themes:

Yesterday, the month-long challenge wrapped up. Here were my tweeted books from Week 4:

Day 23 – Anticipated MG – Once I get hooked by a series, I’m always eager for the next book.

Day 24 – for “A Spring Ritual,” I went with coloring Easter eggs. So here are three books with eggs on the covers.

Day 25 – Intergenerational Books – I really like stories that explore the MC’s connection with their grandparents (even posthumously).

Day 26 – Favorite Genre – For me, it has to be mystery, especially if there’s a supernatural or paranormal twist.

Day 27 – Backlist Book You Want to Read – I have sooo many books I’ve been meaning to get around to. Here are a few by authors I trust. Hoping to get to them this year!

Day 28 – Journey Tales – gotta love ’em. (Hey, I even write them.)

Day 29 – Food-Themed Books – I give you competitive eating, homemade Italian cuisine, and magical ice cream!

Day 30 – Debut Author Shoutouts – All of these upcoming stories have piqued my interest. You never know when you might come across a new favorite author!

Day 31 – Next One Up – Since I’ll be wrapping up I, J, and K this month, I’m looking ahead to books that start with L. These are possibilities. (There are always too many books rivaling for my attention!)

The challenge was lots of fun!
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Week 3. I’ve been keeping up with (most of) the themes for Middle Grade Book March over on Twitter. As a reminder, here are ALL the themes:

Day 15 – Series Shoutout – I love mysteries, fantasy, paranormal stuffs, and any combination thereof. Picking three fave series, because ghosts, FBI agents, & a family of thieves!

Day 16 – A Book I’m Lucky to Have in My Life – Hmm. Let’s go with thrift store finds! Used bookstores hold treasures. Would I have read these if I hadn’t stumbled across them? Maybe not. Lucky me! Rangers & Shakespeare & Gangsters, oh my!

Day 17 – Book with a Green Cover – These are all favorite stories that won me over with unique characters & vivid storytelling.

Day 18 – Animal Main Character – so much variety in this sub-genre of middle grade books. I offer a service dog and his autistic boy, a post-apocalyptic mama bear, and a world where *everyone* is an animal.

Day 19 – Pair Up a MG Book – It’s always interesting to me when one book heavily references another. They pair themselves! Here are two titles that remind us why CHARLOTTE’S WEB is a beloved classic.

Day 20 – MG Villain Book – I’m going to assume this means books from a “villain’s” perspective, because sometimes those who bend/break laws aren’t all bad. Exiles/outlaws, a criminal mastermind, and Robin Hood’s daughter.

Day 21 – First Sign of Spring – For me, that may always mean flowering trees.

That’s Week 3! Hope to see you taking part next week!
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Week 2. I’ve been keeping up with (most of) the themes for Middle Grade Book March over on Twitter. For some reason, it took me until today for me to recall that I should probably be tagging authors. As a reminder, here are ALL the themes:

Day 08 – Celebrate International Women’s Day – I have a special fondness for strong moms & mentors in middle grade stories.

Day 10 – The Last Book You Read – Since I’m doing the A-Z Challenge over on Great Middle Grade Reads (on Goodreads), I’ve been reading my MG books in alphabetical order. I’ve reached the letter G.

Day 12 – Books Reaturing Multiple Characters – The intent of this was multiple POV characters.

Day 13 – Anticipated Book that Is Not MG – The first title that came to mind was the third book in Kyle Kirrin’s Ripple System series, which is in the LitRPG genre. They’re narrated by Travis Baldree, who also does the audio books for my Galleries of Stone trilogy.

Day 14 – A New Creator for You – I’m always encountering new authors. Here are three I’m very glad to have discovered.

That’s Week 2! Hope to see you taking part next week!
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Middle Grade Reading. My participation in #MGBookMarch has been hit-or-miss over the years. Some of their themes are just easier than others. This year, there’s a good crop, and I’ve been making an effort to take part. Here are their themes for 2022:

Use the hashtag wherever you participate on social media. I’m taking part on Twitter.

Day 01 – Double Letters in the Title

Day 02 – Character’s Name Starts with “C” – Christopher, Colophon, Coyote

Day 03 – A Book You Think Only You Have Read – I went with somewhat obscure classics & an out-of-print title by a favorite author, but lots of people recommended underrated & indie books

Day 05 – Book Featuring a Weather Event

Day 06 – Stunning Book Covers – HOW do you even choose? There are so many stunners. For the sake of the challenge, I simply chose three favorites that look lovely together.

Day 07 – Book with a Setting You Want to Visit – I’d like a corner table at The Boneyard Cafe … to lurk in Winterhouse’s library (or do puzzles in the lobby) … and throw paint around in a Soho art loft on Greene Street.

That’s Week 1! Hope to see you taking part next week!
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