Week 3. I’ve been keeping up with (most of) the themes for Middle Grade Book March over on Twitter. As a reminder, here are ALL the themes:

Day 15 – Series Shoutout – I love mysteries, fantasy, paranormal stuffs, and any combination thereof. Picking three fave series, because ghosts, FBI agents, & a family of thieves!

Day 16 – A Book I’m Lucky to Have in My Life – Hmm. Let’s go with thrift store finds! Used bookstores hold treasures. Would I have read these if I hadn’t stumbled across them? Maybe not. Lucky me! Rangers & Shakespeare & Gangsters, oh my!

Day 17 – Book with a Green Cover – These are all favorite stories that won me over with unique characters & vivid storytelling.

Day 18 – Animal Main Character – so much variety in this sub-genre of middle grade books. I offer a service dog and his autistic boy, a post-apocalyptic mama bear, and a world where *everyone* is an animal.

Day 19 – Pair Up a MG Book – It’s always interesting to me when one book heavily references another. They pair themselves! Here are two titles that remind us why CHARLOTTE’S WEB is a beloved classic.

Day 20 – MG Villain Book – I’m going to assume this means books from a “villain’s” perspective, because sometimes those who bend/break laws aren’t all bad. Exiles/outlaws, a criminal mastermind, and Robin Hood’s daughter.

Day 21 – First Sign of Spring – For me, that may always mean flowering trees.

That’s Week 3! Hope to see you taking part next week!
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