Big Finish. As mentioned on previous weeks, I took part in #MGBookMarch over on Twitter this year. To refresh your memory, here are ALL the themes:

Yesterday, the month-long challenge wrapped up. Here were my tweeted books from Week 4:

Day 23 – Anticipated MG – Once I get hooked by a series, I’m always eager for the next book.

Day 24 – for “A Spring Ritual,” I went with coloring Easter eggs. So here are three books with eggs on the covers.

Day 25 – Intergenerational Books – I really like stories that explore the MC’s connection with their grandparents (even posthumously).

Day 26 – Favorite Genre – For me, it has to be mystery, especially if there’s a supernatural or paranormal twist.

Day 27 – Backlist Book You Want to Read – I have sooo many books I’ve been meaning to get around to. Here are a few by authors I trust. Hoping to get to them this year!

Day 28 – Journey Tales – gotta love ’em. (Hey, I even write them.)

Day 29 – Food-Themed Books – I give you competitive eating, homemade Italian cuisine, and magical ice cream!

Day 30 – Debut Author Shoutouts – All of these upcoming stories have piqued my interest. You never know when you might come across a new favorite author!

Day 31 – Next One Up – Since I’ll be wrapping up I, J, and K this month, I’m looking ahead to books that start with L. These are possibilities. (There are always too many books rivaling for my attention!)

The challenge was lots of fun!
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