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Q Books

A to Z Reading Challenge. I’m a moderator over at Great Middle Grade Reads over on Goodreads. For the most part, I run the annual reading challenges. This year, I’m tackling the A to Z challenge in alphabetical order, and I’m about to start on the letter Q. This is always a challenge, but this year, it’ll be a little easier. One of the longtime mods brought to my attention that some of the hardest letters have built-in loopholes. For the letter Q, any book with a word in the title that starts with Q … qualifies! Here are my picks:

What Q books would you recommend?

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#amreading Enchantment

A boy who’d in prison simply because he’s born there manages to escape. A girl who wants nothing more than to salvage her father’s reputation vows to hunt him down and bring him back. A Wish in the Dark was one of my favorite books of the year. Highly recommended. The Midwinter Witch is the third (and final) installment in the Witch Boy series of graphic novels. Aster’s excited to take part in a midwinter tournament as a witch. And The Cobalt Prince is the second installment in the planet-hopping sci-fi adventure in which Oona must light each world’s beacon in order to save all of them.

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#amreading Unlimited

Fidellia Quail is an inventor, and her parents were brilliant scientists, but their deaths leave her both orphaned and stranded with an overprotective aunt. In Race to the Bottom of the Sea, she’s kidnapped by a pirate who need’s Fidellia’s know-how. Here’s another volume of Stephen McCrarie’s Space Boy, which I’ve been following. The Hidden Witch is also a graphic novel. It’s the second installment in the trilogy, in which Aster’s family is still adjusting to his determination to pursue training as a witch, even though its a role traditionally pursued by girls.

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June Reading

Back to Normal. After the flurry of #BookADayMay, I’m back to reading alphabetically for the Great Middle Grade Reads A to Z Challenge. As you can see, I’ve reached the middle (Ms and Ns), which is about right for the year.

I’ll be queuing up books that start with the letter “O” next! Any recommendations?

#amreading Blues

I’ve been following (and enjoying) the Space Boy graphic novels. Telegram for Mrs. Moony is a wartime adventure. When his big brother (a pilot) goes down & MIA somewhere in Europe, twelve-year-old Tommy decides to go find him. So he runs away from home. Really enjoyed this one! The Accidental Afterlife of Thomas Marsden is about a boy who’s whole way of life is shaken when he discovers a doppelganger in an unmarked grave.

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