Middle Grade Reading. My participation in #MGBookMarch has been hit-or-miss over the years. Some of their themes are just easier than others. This year, there’s a good crop, and I’ve been making an effort to take part. Here are their themes for 2022:

Use the hashtag wherever you participate on social media. I’m taking part on Twitter.

Day 01 – Double Letters in the Title

Day 02 – Character’s Name Starts with “C” – Christopher, Colophon, Coyote

Day 03 – A Book You Think Only You Have Read – I went with somewhat obscure classics & an out-of-print title by a favorite author, but lots of people recommended underrated & indie books

Day 05 – Book Featuring a Weather Event

Day 06 – Stunning Book Covers – HOW do you even choose? There are so many stunners. For the sake of the challenge, I simply chose three favorites that look lovely together.

Day 07 – Book with a Setting You Want to Visit – I’d like a corner table at The Boneyard Cafe … to lurk in Winterhouse’s library (or do puzzles in the lobby) … and throw paint around in a Soho art loft on Greene Street.

That’s Week 1! Hope to see you taking part next week!
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