Week 2. I’ve been keeping up with (most of) the themes for Middle Grade Book March over on Twitter. For some reason, it took me until today for me to recall that I should probably be tagging authors. As a reminder, here are ALL the themes:

Day 08 – Celebrate International Women’s Day – I have a special fondness for strong moms & mentors in middle grade stories.

Day 10 – The Last Book You Read – Since I’m doing the A-Z Challenge over on Great Middle Grade Reads (on Goodreads), I’ve been reading my MG books in alphabetical order. I’ve reached the letter G.

Day 12 – Books Reaturing Multiple Characters – The intent of this was multiple POV characters.

Day 13 – Anticipated Book that Is Not MG – The first title that came to mind was the third book in Kyle Kirrin’s Ripple System series, which is in the LitRPG genre. They’re narrated by Travis Baldree, who also does the audio books for my Galleries of Stone trilogy.

Day 14 – A New Creator for You – I’m always encountering new authors. Here are three I’m very glad to have discovered.

That’s Week 2! Hope to see you taking part next week!
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