BYWAYS: September Sale

Byways 1234 ii

Free Days! I was one of those bookish kids who couldn’t wait for September and back-to-school time. So to celebrate one of my favorite times of year, I’m kicking off some FREE days for the Byways Books. If you’re still lacking titles, this is your chance to fill in the gaps. And if you have friends who’d love these stories, this is the perfect time to tell them about it. Because … FREE!

Sept 1 – Book #1, On Your Marks is FREE – GET IT NOW >>
Sept 2 – Book #2, Aboard the Train is FREE
Sept 3 – Book #3, Over the Bridge is FREE
Sept 4 – Book #4, Up the Mountain is FREE

Meanwhile, I’m getting ready for the release of Books 8-10. The threefold adventures continue in October 2015! Look forward to more! ~CJ

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