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ART: Big Brother

Freydolf & Ulrica. At the beginning of Deuce, we learn that Ulrica is twelve when she makes her bid at an early rite in Open Territory. In Ch17, which just posted for tiers that get the early drop, we find that Frey is fifteen, though he already has a man’s height. Despite the three-year age gap and the vast differences in their personalities, brother and sister are quite close. Full illustration is under the cut!

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New Audio Chapter. Deuce has updated with a new audio chapter, narrated by Travis Baldree. The story updates every other Wednesday, with the audio installments popping up on alternating weeks. Join me on Patreon & pick a tier that suits. You’ll find me grateful!

Deuce is a prequel to Galleries of Stone. It tells the story of how a dockside boy & a hilltop girl managed to meet, despite all the reasons they never should have.

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Audio Release

Rakefang’s Release. Let’s all enjoy the audio edition of Rakefang, narrated by Travis Baldree, which is due to drop on Audible today! Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered … and to those who have been re-listening to the first two books in the trilogy in preparation. Again, here’s a teaser:

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Thank you to everyone who reads, rates, and reviews. Such things are vital for indie authors like me, and you’ll find me exceptionally grateful. Now! I shall get back to writing the first book in the Journeymen of Stone trilogy, which will see its first book release in 2023. ~CJ

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Narration LIVE

Rakefang (Galleries of Stone, #3) will be getting an audio book. My turn on Travis Baldree’s (very busy) narration schedule was just bumped to TOMORROW! If you’re interested in dropping by & listening in while he records the audio book LIVE, we’re starting tomorrow, Monday, September 5, 2022. Travis usually begins his sessions between 8am – 9am, and the usual goal is 3 hours of finished narration per day (with breaks for coffee and lunch).

How do you listen? Travis Baldree uses his Discord server to broadcast his narration sessions. Join: 

Rakefang will release in audio on November 8, 2022.
You can listen to Meadowsweet and Harrow now!

ART: Carpet Balls

Carpet Balls | art by FoxOfTwilight

Pleased beyond telling, Tupper hurried toward a set he’d first noticed when dusting that morning. A dozen stones had been shaped into perfect spheres, much larger than the marbles that the village boys used in their games. Touching the white one, the pink one, and the brown one by turn, he picked up the green one, marveling at how heavy it was. He would need to carry them one at a time!

While he ferried the matched spheres over to where Freydolf sat, the man began a sing-song rhyme. “Blue for sweet waters; white for the brine. Gray under moonlight; gold calls for wine.”

Tupper stared perplexedly at the rich golden hue of the orb in his hands. Rocks couldn’t be thirsty. Could they?

Freydolf chuckled and said, “Don’t mind me, lambkin. Gather the rest.”

He happily complied, and when he joined his master on the carpet, Tupper arrayed the spheres before him, fiddling with the order until he was satisfied. Smooth as glass, cool to the touch, and uncommonly pretty—he silently greeted each in turn by its color name.

The second to last one stumped him, and he looked at Freydolf. “This one?”

“Hmm?” he responded, glancing from boy to ball and back.

“What do I call her?”

“Her?” Freydolf echoed, the hint of a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth.

Nodding, Tupper backtracked, pointing to the earlier stones in his lineup. “Blue, gray, green, and … this?” he prompted, again pointing to the sphere in question. It wasn’t only one color, or even two; several shades of brown and a warm pink were daubed together, then sprinkled with black speckles.

“Aye, I understand,” the sculptor replied seriously. “Dapple. We call her kind dapple.”

excerpted from MEADOWSWEET
Galleries of Stone, #1

ART: Ulrica Rakefang

Deuce is a prequel to Galleries of Stone. It tells the story of how a dockside boy & a hilltop girl managed to meet, despite all the reasons they never should have.

“Ulrica Unpierced” | art by FoxOfTwilight

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