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Audio Release

Rakefang’s Release. Let’s all enjoy the audio edition of Rakefang, narrated by Travis Baldree, which is due to drop on Audible today! Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered … and to those who have been re-listening to the first two books in the trilogy in preparation. Again, here’s a teaser:

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Thank you to everyone who reads, rates, and reviews. Such things are vital for indie authors like me, and you’ll find me exceptionally grateful. Now! I shall get back to writing the first book in the Journeymen of Stone trilogy, which will see its first book release in 2023. ~CJ

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Narration LIVE

Rakefang (Galleries of Stone, #3) will be getting an audio book. My turn on Travis Baldree’s (very busy) narration schedule was just bumped to TOMORROW! If you’re interested in dropping by & listening in while he records the audio book LIVE, we’re starting tomorrow, Monday, September 5, 2022. Travis usually begins his sessions between 8am – 9am, and the usual goal is 3 hours of finished narration per day (with breaks for coffee and lunch).

How do you listen? Travis Baldree uses his Discord server to broadcast his narration sessions. Join: https://discord.gg/duzCS2D 

Rakefang will release in audio on November 8, 2022.
You can listen to Meadowsweet and Harrow now!


July 5, 2022. The second book in the Galleries of Stone trilogy is now available as an audio book, narrated by Travis Baldree. You can now enjoy both Meadowsweet and Harrow. And yes, since you asked, Rakefang is scheduled for a recording session … and will release this fall.

If you enjoyed the story, I’m glad. “The trade is good. May our next be better still.” Special thanks to all those who take a little extra time to rate, review, and recommend this trilogy to others. ~CJ

Release Day!

Meadowsweet (Galleries of Stone, #1) has released as an audio book, narrated by Travis Baldree! Here’s another quick sample:

A magical master sculptor banished from his homeland hires the only Flox boy with the nubs to take his hand.
In places where the Twelve Mountains are honored for their magic, children are tested for affinity. But the villages in Morven’s foothills no longer remember stone lore. The Flox have forgotten the Statuary and the wonders that fill its winding galleries. All that remains are stories to frighten children and gossip about a monster living in the heights.
Necessity drives Freydolf to hire a Flox servant. Tupper Meadowsweet isn’t the cleverest child, but he’s brave enough to follow his Pred master onto Morven, where he finds hints of faraway lands, diverse races, unique customs, long histories … and danger.

Meadowsweet on Audible >>