Audio Release

Rakefang’s Release. Let’s all enjoy the audio edition of Rakefang, narrated by Travis Baldree, which is due to drop on Audible today! Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered … and to those who have been re-listening to the first two books in the trilogy in preparation. Again, here’s a teaser:

. . .

Thank you to everyone who reads, rates, and reviews. Such things are vital for indie authors like me, and you’ll find me exceptionally grateful. Now! I shall get back to writing the first book in the Journeymen of Stone trilogy, which will see its first book release in 2023. ~CJ

. . .

3 thoughts on “Audio Release

  1. Can’t wait for your new trilogy. I love the Galleries of Stone trilogy so much. I’ve been re-reading it already several times and it always feels like meeting with dear friends. It makes me really happy. Thank you for your heartwarming stories.

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      1. Great news … four books are even better than three !!
        By the way … I really love the new pictures of Tupper. Fox is absolutely incredible.


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