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On Patreon. I’ve built up the promised buffer of 6 chapters! They’re currently available to read for patrons at the Journeyman & Keeper tiers. Tomorrow Ch1 of Deuce will unlock for patrons at the Deuce tier ($5/month). New chapters will continue to drop/unlock every other week (or so): twice a month. And come fall, we’ll be adding narrated chapters, read by Travis Baldree. Those will become available starting at the Journeyman tier.

From Patreon: Fans of Galleries of Stone will enjoy an exclusive prequel that updates twice a month. Deuce begins with a boy and a girl raised in a culture where fangs are sharp, claws are ready, and trust is rare. Aurelius and Ulrica never should have met, but their rivalry gives way to an exhilarating alliance.

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Release Day!

Meadowsweet (Galleries of Stone, #1) has released as an audio book, narrated by Travis Baldree! Here’s another quick sample:

A magical master sculptor banished from his homeland hires the only Flox boy with the nubs to take his hand.
In places where the Twelve Mountains are honored for their magic, children are tested for affinity. But the villages in Morven’s foothills no longer remember stone lore. The Flox have forgotten the Statuary and the wonders that fill its winding galleries. All that remains are stories to frighten children and gossip about a monster living in the heights.
Necessity drives Freydolf to hire a Flox servant. Tupper Meadowsweet isn’t the cleverest child, but he’s brave enough to follow his Pred master onto Morven, where he finds hints of faraway lands, diverse races, unique customs, long histories … and danger.

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