Byways Entries

We’re one month away from the release of Byways, Book 1: On Your Marks, which will kick off the cross-country race that takes sibling rivalry to new lengths. Today, I’m revealing this first book cover, which features Ian Johns and his three sons. From left to right, you’ll find Zane the Rebel, Ganix the Scamp, Ian Johns, and Ewan the Eldest.

01 On Your Marks 600

Byways, Book #1: On Your Marks
releases July 4, 2014

Series Summary: Ian Johns is the founder of the postal system in the land of Liberty. Twice widowed, he has three sons, all half-brothers, and the boys don’t get along. In order to help them bond, Ian plans a tour of the country in the hopes that travel will bring them closer together. But somehow, the plan is twisted around, and the trip becomes a race.
Age Range: These books are geared for young readers who are ready for their very first chapter books (K-2).

2 thoughts on “COVER REVEAL: On Your Marks

  1. Found the item that shows its Ewans book! It has a compass rose on the map in the left hand corner!


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