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#MGCarousel – Summer Reading Bingo

Summer Reading! Time for a fresh sticky post for my August BINGO board, part of the Summer Reading Challenge for #MGCarousel at, where Elza and I blog about middle grade books.

CJ's Summer Bingo, August


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Can’t read those tiny book covers? I’ve listed the titles/authors. Continue reading #MGCarousel – Summer Reading Bingo

BYWAYS: Audio Editions

Let me tell you a story. We’re making steady progress with recording audio editions of the Byways Books. Book #3, Over the Bridge: A Zane Johns Adventure has been uploaded, and we’ve already recorded Book #4, Up the Mountain: A Ganix Johns Adventure. Watch for these titles (and more) as they appear in the catalogs at Audible, iTunes, and Amazon!


Good News! The paperback editions of the first four Byways Books are showing up in online venues. That means you can order them anywhere books are sold!

Byways1-4, print proofs

ART: Prologue [Galleries of Stone]

Triad Header

“That man’s branch is severed from our tree. His star is fallen from our sky. His name is cast into the sea. May the depths take him.” Silence hung heavy in the house as the clan leader cursed his own son. “May his blood spill, may his bones break, may flames consume him. He is an enemy of this house. Should he trespass upon this clan’s holdings, my own dagger will spill his entrails, my own hands will wring the breath from his lungs. That man will meet his end.”

—Galleries of Stone, Book 1: Meadowsweet, Prologue

Reader Art. I’ve been away, and it’s lovely to be home again. One of my favorite parts of returning was finding new art in my inbox. I’ve featured Skylee’s art before. When she secured her print edition of Meadowsweet, she kicked off her re-read with art. And I have permission to share!
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Everything isn’t quite ready for the release of the next three Byways books, so I’m giving myself (and my illustrator and my editors) a small extension. The trio of titles will come out next month instead. I’ll keep you posted! ~CJ

c.j.milbrandtJust a quick reminder that there’s a giveaway underway at The Scriblerians. Over the weekend, Vanessa Morton interviewed me in a post called Christa Kinde’s Alter Ego Tells All… The site is also hosting a giveaway of two of my books to two lucky commenters. You have until 7 p.m. (Central) to take part.

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