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c.j.milbrandtJust a quick reminder that there’s a giveaway underway at The Scriblerians. Over the weekend, Vanessa Morton interviewed me in a post called Christa Kinde’s Alter Ego Tells All… The site is also hosting a giveaway of two of my books to two lucky commenters. You have until 7 p.m. (Central) to take part.

Check it out! >>

c.j.milbrandtJust a very quick note to let you know that I haven’t forgotten the drawing for the Byways Review Drive. I received notification from the printer that the prize postcards I ordered are en route. When they arrive, I’ll show off a picture … and announce the winners! Thank you to everyone who took part. I truly appreciate your support. ~CJ

FANART: Aurelius and Ulrica [Deuce]

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Hey You. This past week, I received what one of my readers called a “quick little rough fanart thing.” I call it charming! Fanart is always a welcome surprise, and I’m tickled that the artist gave me permission to show hers off in a Show & Tell blog post. Continue reading FANART: Aurelius and Ulrica [Deuce]

CHIT-CHAT: Byways Bookmark

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Bookings and Bookmarks. I’m gearing up for my first school visit of the new year, hoping to inspire future authors. Since I write books, I know a thing or two about the stuff of stories. There’ll be a fair amount of stuff and nonsense, wit and world-building, and maybe even a pinch of pixie dust. All in all, I’m looking forward to a good day. And something I’m really excited to share: the brand new Byways bookmarks that arrived from the printer! Continue reading CHIT-CHAT: Byways Bookmark

ART: Winter Trio [Byways]

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Laurel jumped when loud growling came from the front hall. Hooves clattered, and a howl filled the house with its high, eerie note. “There they go again,” she said.

“What now?” Ian hurried out of the kitchen. He slowed to step over the shattered pieces of a glass candle stand. “Boys? What’s the meaning of …!”

He was interrupted when a full-grown elk minced past with a young raccoon dangling from his antlers.

“Not in the house!” Ian started after them, but a snarling wolf zoomed between his legs, tripping him. For a moment, Ian was afraid the silver wolf was going to bite the elk. But the wolf only jumped and snapped at the raccoon’s ringed tail.

—excerpted from Byways, Book #1, On Your Marks: The Adventure Begins

“Not in the house!” Roughhousing takes on a whole new dimension when siblings can Change into animals. I’m excited to share brand new art for the Byways books, which was partially inspired by the above scene from Chapter 2: “Three Fine Sons.” Continue reading ART: Winter Trio [Byways]

Byways, cover reveals 01I’ve been sitting on secrets for far too long, but patience has its reward. Tomorrow, I’ll do a cover reveal for Book #2, Aboard the Train: A Ewan Johns Adventure. Zane and Ganix will have their covers unveiled over the next two Fridays. Watch for the addition of cover art to this site. I’ll have pre-order information available soon. ~CJ

Byways Books 2-4 are scheduled for
e-release on October 20, 2014.

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Galleries of Stone, Book 2: Harrow is now available from Amazon (Kindle), Barnes & Noble (nook), and Kobo. You’ll also find the story listed on GoodReads. Please do take the time to rate and review the story … and “like” my author profiles wherever you may find them. This helps get the word out about Freydolf, Tupper, Aurelius, Brand, and all the other folks from the trilogy. ♥

Harrow 220 tall  Available now:   Amazon  |  Barnes & Noble  |  Kobo

Meadowsweet 220 tall  Available now:   Amazon  |  Barnes & Noble  |  Kobo 

Also, if you don’t have an e-reader, don’t fret. There are free desktop versions of these reading apps. Plus if you have an account, the above sites allow you to read online. Here are some links you’ll find informative:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo


FOLKS: Rimbles

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“So you haven’t seen him?” Aurelius prodded.

“Maybe he’s hiding from you.” Giving the other man a stern look, he added, “You could have been more polite at breakfast.”

“I was!” he insisted. “For me.”

Freydolf snorted and said, “If you don’t bridle your tongue, you’ll never win the lad over.”

“I’ll bridle my tongue when you collar your pet,” Aurelius muttered. “He’d be easier to find if you kept him on a leash.”

“Have you tried behind the rimbles in the upper loggia?”

The other Pred blinked. “The what in the where?”

—excerpted from Galleries of Stone, Book 1: Meadowsweet

What the deuce is a rimbles? Since much of the Galleries of Stone trilogy is set in the Statuary, there should be little surprise that many of the characters are statues. Those who bear a master’s mark can “come to life” under the right conditions. Young Tupper Meadowsweet has two such stone guardians—one for day, one for night. He names his daytime guardian Rimbles. Continue reading FOLKS: Rimbles