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BINGO – January / February

2022 READING CHALLENGES. This year, #MGCarousel is giving us more time to tackle our bingo boards, and I think it’s great. Here’s the new board for January & February.

Nab your own board & check out this month’s theme over at Middle Grade Carousel >>

January 2022 Calendar. Since I’m reading my MG books in alphabetical order this year, it’s a lot harder to fit them onto the BINGO board. But there’s always room on my calendar.

June Reading

Since I rather enjoy slotting book covers onto a calendar, I asked Elza to set me up with a fresh page for June. There’s no real challenge involved. I just wanted a visual to track my reading for this month. I’ll update it throughout the month.

And of course … it’s time for another round of Summer Reading BINGO! #MGCarousel