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Five in a Row. I am getting so close to calling a second BINGO, I want to sneak in some more reading time. My usual routine’s been curtailed for the last handful of days because it’s too HOT to safely walk. (I listen to titles on my e-reader whilst I perambulate.) I’ll be glad when the heat wave passes.

CJs Bingo Board, July 2020

I found a couple of Ali authors. Are there squares you’re having trouble covering? Elza & I are happy to recommend titles! More over on Middle Grade Carousel >>


One Week Left

Not Quite an All-Cover. There’s a scant week left in June, and I’ve managed a second BINGO on my summer reading board. Heading in, I kind of wanted to cover all the squares, but I’ll definitely run out of days before I run out of books. : )

CJs Bingo Board, June 2020

I have books set aside for most of the remaining squares, but I’m not sure how far I’ll get in six days. After spending last month reading lower middle grade quickies, it’s been so nice to tackle longer titles again. Confession: Since I’m a moderator at MGCarousel, I’ve already gotten a peek at July’s BINGO board. I’ll finish up a book or two for June, then focus on next month’s squares!