#amreading: The Fiend and the Forge


After finishing Book 2, I launched straight into the third volume of Henry H. Neff’s The Tapestry series—The Fiend and the Forge. So far, I continue to be pleased and impressed by Mr. Neff’s storytelling prowess. My only peeve (and it’s a minor, personal one in the grand scheme of things) is that Very Important Things happened in the six-month gap between books two and three. As a writer, I was irked that choices were made off scene and with no explanation as to motivation. Such careful set-up shouldn’t be followed by abridgement! (Thus ends my rant, for the story must go on. And it is a good one.)

2 thoughts on “#amreading: The Fiend and the Forge

  1. I have run into similar issues when reading a series. If I feel any disconnect between books I have a hard time getting back into the story. 😱

    Gotta to admit though, I would be tempted to read the series just for the cover on this book, so pretty!


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