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Byways Entries

Coming Soon. Everything’s coming together for the May release of Byways Books #5, #6 and #7. Over the next month or so, there’ll be cover reveals, more state-related posts, and even a couple of character introductions. But before that, I thought I’d run a giveaway & review drive. Here’s how this will work …

For each of those seven things, you’ll gain a chance at winning a prize. THIS IS IMPORTANT! Tell me which of the above items you’ve done in a comment below. That’ll help me keep track of everyone’s participation. The drawing will take place on Monday, May 4. That gives you a whole fortnight to play along. Three winners will receive one of the three new e-books coming out in May (gifted through Amazon).

Review Copies

If you haven’t yet read Book #1, On Your Marks: The Adventure Begins, feel free to request a review copy. What does that mean? I’ll gift you the e-book on Amazon, and in the next couple of weeks, you’ll give this series starter a read and post your review. Please give your honest opinion of the story, keeping potential readers in mind.

Once you’ve posted your review for Book #1, I’m offering another review copy! You can choose one of these three stories, which I’ll send along (gifted through Amazon). Ewan the Eldest is the protective sort. Zane the Rebel lives for adventure. And Ganix the Scamp just wants to have fun.

Byways, 2, 3, 4

Book #2 • Aboard the Train • A Ewan Johns Adventure
On the first leg of his journey, Ewan Johns takes the train north into the snowy woodlands. He’s sure he has a great head start, but when Ewan discovers two stowaways, they force him to change his plans.

Book #3 • Over the Bridge • A Zane Johns Adventure
Zane Johns and his best friend Jovan are searching for one more person for their team. At their first waypoint, they hear a rumor about a blacksmith who wants to move West. A visit to the forge brings one surprise after another.

Book #4 • Up the Mountain • A Ganix Johns Adventure
Ganix Johns is already at his fourth waypoint, but is he the tortoise or the hare? The upcoming peach blossom festival sounds like fun, so he decides to stay. But one little accident leads to big trouble, and it’s up to Ganix to make things right.

Naturally, I’d love for all the books to be reviewed. So if you go above and beyond and review all four stories, I’ll put something nice (a story-related surprise) in your mailbox … and automatically queue you up to receive your choice of either Book #5, #6, or #7 when they release in May.

Thank you so much for rallying to support the brothers. ~CJ

19 thoughts on “BYWAYS: Giveaway & Review Drive

  1. My favourite character is Ewan.

    Now I’ve done all the seven things. :)

    I don’t need review copies, but I will try and post reviews, Esp since it will get me a free book. :D

    Liked by 1 person

      1. – Okay, reviews of all four Byways books now posted to *Amazon, *Goodreads, *Kobo, and *Barnes and Noble.


  2. follow pinterest
    bookshelved on goodreads
    liked amazon author
    subscribed to newsletter
    signed in the waypoint log
    favorite character… Ewan. We have a similar personality.
    On Your Marks reviewed on Goodreads and Amazon
    (Do I get a review copy of book #2?)
    Thanks for doing all of these giveaways! :D


  3. [CJ dropping in as Christa since she’s that’s how she’s logged.]

    I feel like we should have a running tally of which brother people are choosing for their second review-copy selection!

    So far …

    1 for Ewan
    1 for Zane

    Who will you choose? O___O


  4. Alright, my review for “On Your Marks’ is posted on Amazon, and so is my review for ‘Over The Bridge’! ~Savannah


  5. Favorite character? So hard to choose, I like them all! I suppose if I had to make a choice I would pick either Zane or Brielle … probably Zane :-). ~Savannah


  6. Could I have a review copy of ‘On Your Marks’? I don’t know if i’ll get the review done in time for the drawing, though… We’re in the process of moving and I’m not sure how soon our computers will be up and running. :P
    And my favorite character is Ewan, though Ganix and Zane aren’t far behind!!


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