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How about a look behind the Byways header on Book #13, Among the Tents: A Ganix Johns Adventure? This story follows Ganix to the circus, where he is able to protect his teammates and make new friends. He earns a stage name (or two) and does odd jobs behind the scenes. The cover art for Book #13 features the Neptune Circus carousel.

Circus Tents

Story Excerpt:

The huge three-top tent was packed with people. Hoots and hollers. Whistles and cheers. Excitement hummed through the stands, making Ganix’s stomach do a few backflips. He’d been too jittery to eat much dinner, so roasting peanuts, popping corn, and spun sugar smelled good.

“Deep breaths,” said Tunk.

“Big smile,” added Keech.

Then the brothers braced his legs and began a slow countdown.

Ganix took the stick out of his mouth and quickly unrolled its coiled banner. Adjusting his grip on the handle, he whispered, “Ready!”

Their hushed countdown continued, but Ganix’s attention switched to the ringmaster, whose voice rang out, calling everyone’s attention to the center ring.

“ … aaand introducing the newest member of the Greening Dragons. The cheekiest and the cheeriest! The baby of the batch, but the bravest by far!”

Me?” asked Ganix.

“It’s your big intro, little brother,” said Keech. “Wonder what your stage name will be!”

Tunk said, “Rhody has a knack for them. It’s sure to roll off the tongue!”

Ganix, Greening Dragons

Behind the Scenes - Book 13

More to come in the weeks ahead…

_13 Among the Tents by C. J. Milbrandt



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