COVER REVEAL: Among the Tents

Byways 13 Header

Byways #13, Among the Tents: A Ganix Johns Adventure. Ganix finds the perfect job in a bustling seaside town that’s famous for its circus. Flashy costumes, dazzling magic shows, and a kind-hearted ringmaster make it possible for Hurlock and Galena to keep their secret. Until one of the sideshow attractions starts acting strange.   

Circus Tents

“There’s our rising star!”

The huge three-top tent was packed with people. Hoots and hollers. Whistles and cheers. Excitement hummed through the stands, making Ganix’s stomach do a few backflips.

“Deep breaths,” said Tunk.

Keech added, “Big smile.”

Ganix’s attention switched to the ringmaster, whose voice rang out, calling everyone’s attention to the center ring.

“ … and introducing the newest member of the Greening Dragons. The cheekiest and the cheeriest! The baby of the batch, but the bravest by far!”

Me?” asked Ganix.

“It’s your big intro, little brother,” said Keech. “Wonder what your stage name will be!”

_13 Among the Tents by C. J. Milbrandt

Currently available in paperback & hardcover library editions everywhere books are sold! (Digital editions coming soon.)

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