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HARROW: Milestone & Giveaway


Today is the first anniversary of the publication of Harrow. In other words, the second book in the Galleries of Stone trilogy is celebrating its “book birthday.” To mark the milestone, I’m giving readers the opportunity to win fabulous prizes—in the form of some very pretty, limited edition postcards. The prize drawing will take place on Monday, April 20, giving you plenty of time to take part. How? I’m glad you asked! There are several ways to Continue reading HARROW: Milestone & Giveaway

BYWAYS: Hometown Challenge [Australia]

Byways Entries

International Support. The Byways books may key off of the fifty states as their threefold adventure unfolds, but that doesn’t mean the race is limited to American fans. Much to my delight, a bundle of international postcards arrived from a reader in Australia! The photographs of Armidale in New South Wales show several facets of the city she calls home. Take a look… Continue reading BYWAYS: Hometown Challenge [Australia]

BYWAYS: “Banner Boys” are here!

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Report! A nice, big box of Hometown Challenge postcards arrived from the printer. I’ll show you the backs of these gorgeous postcards, which were designed by my illustrator, Hannah Christenson. I’m keeping the illustration on the other side—which is called “Banner Boys”—a surprise for now.

Hometown Challenge, box

Remember, the only way you can receive one of these postcards is to take part in the Hometown Challenge. And if you tell me which of the brothers you’re cheering for, I’ll have them stamp in on your postcard. Continue reading BYWAYS: “Banner Boys” are here!

BYWAYS: Personal Seals

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One of my favorite things to give and get is mail, and I’m not talking about the virtual variety. “Real” mail is a joy, which may be why I gave Ian Johns of the Byways books the role of Postmaster. As the brothers race across their homeland, their waypoints are located in post offices. At each stop along the way, they must use their personal seals to confirm their progress. Readers will get to see the postcards Ewan, Zane, and Ganix send home. And the stamp images that serve as official signatures in Liberty.

This series detail is the basis for the Hometown Challenge. Readers who send CJ a postcard from their hometown will receive one in return … from the brothers! Complete with the signature stamp from their personal seals:

Continue reading BYWAYS: Personal Seals